Annix have been hiding away their music for nearly a year. But now, these boys are back – bigger than ever! Ready to blast their music through the speakers around the world. Starting with their new track releasing on the 22nd March, Millionaire. 

Annix have been signed to Playaz Recordings since 2012, after being handpicked by DJ Hype and Pascal. Since then they have done nothing but impress anyone that steps within their path. With recent remixes of Pivot originally by Mefjus, and Louder by Downlink – these boys are now set to dropping their own original track.

But let’s start of by finding out, where have they been and what’s been happening?!

You’ve been away for nearly a year, where have you been?
We haven’t been away from producing, we’ve just been away from releasing music. We’ve been producing music everyday and also building our new studio, so that’s been taking up our time. I was also ill and in hospital for a about a month last year.

Ah, that’s unfortunate. How’re you feeling now? Hopefully much better!
Yeah! I’m tons better now. I didn’t actually realise how bad I was, I guess I was partying too hard.

Living the “Millionaire’s” life?
Hahaha, I don’t know about that! – But at least I can say I’m back now, and I’m feeling so much better! Recently I’ve been able to get so much done, and it’s been so much better – It’s crazy. With the break though, we’ve been adapting ourselves and our music to fit the current market.

That’s all good – coming back with a fresh mind! But, how’d you describe the current market what type of sounds will you be making now?
Well we just make what we want to play and what we want to hear, but taking in what people would like to hear too. I mean, I’ll still say it’s Jump Up more than anything but we never say ‘Oh, lets make a Jump Up tune’, it’s just what it turns out to be. We do have a lot of Liquid tunes, Softer tunes and even techier tunes.

Ah, so you don’t want to categorise your music?
Definitely. Especially when it comes to Jump Up, a lot of people would hear Jump Up and not want to give it a chance a listen to it. Not only that but as soon as you define yourself to a genre, you’re closing down your audience in a way. It’s all Drum & Bass really.

You’re bursting back in to production side with “Millionaire”. I’ve already seen a few videos flying around of artists  playing this heavy hitting track, such as Andy C and Culture Shock. How did it feel to see Andy C playing your track?
It was wicked! He is probably our favourite Drum & Bass DJ seeing his skill. I think he is the best, so honestly it’s wicked.

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You said earlier that you’ve still been producing during your break. When was Millionaire created, and how long did it take you?
Most of it was written relatively fast. The drop was made within a few hours. It is quite a simple tune. The introduction has quite a lot to it, but the drop and everything else is pretty simple. We must of spent about 4 or 5 months tweaking it and getting it correct. At first the bass didn’t come through and that there were quite a few bad versions at the start. But we worked on the mix down and it came out pretty well in the end.

“Millionaire” comes with a very eerie tone to it, also as some have said, it has very simplistic chords to it – but you make it work SO well – making it a hard hitting banger, specially transitioning in to the track. When you were creating this track, how did you plan it out – What influences did you have?
Thank you! We wanted to make something with more space within the drop, which is unusual. We looked at our last few releases and they were all filled out and aggressive. Quite a lot going on, nothing with space for a ‘groove’. We just wanted to make something the complete opposite of that. That’s why it has the bass in the first 2 bars, then just drums by themselves. It was on purpose from the start.

You’ve recently just release your remix of Mefjus’ track ‘Pivot’ as part of his Remix album. How did this come about, and how did it feel to be asked to do a remix from such an amazing producer (like yourselves)?
Me and Martin know each other, we do often talk now and again. We are fans of each other I guess. We were talking and it came up in conversation really, we were discussing his Remix Album he wanted to do – and said if we wanted to do a remix. When Mefjus says that, it’s like OF COURSE!

To be honest, I didn’t even know he was into the harder side. But to be fair, he is in to all sorts!

Not only a Mefjus remix, but on the 11th you’ve released a remix of ‘Louder’. You’re definitely out there this remix season! Again, how did this remix come about?
They basically just hit up our agent and got it going on. We didn’t expect it at all. It makes you think, you never really know who is actually listening to your music. So it was a good surprise. I guess Downlink is a fan of our music, so it started from there. We just thought it would be nice way in to a different scene.

When it comes to remixing a track, such as Louder, what do you look at changing?
We look at mixing the original vibe of the track with our sound, I guess. It’s just taking a bit of theirs, taking a bit of ours and merging the two really. It’s just putting your stamp on their sound to be honest. With the Louder one, we did want to keep it very dubstep-y. So we made Dubstep style synths to it, so it stays appealing to Downlink’s audience. Although making it still sound like an Annix tune.

As we’ve already established, you’ve been away for a year from releasing, but now returning with Millionaire, what’s next – is there any more remixes too?
We can’t say too much, but we’re planning on releasing a track every month. There is going to be A LOT of music coming out. I know we’ve been quiet last year, but now we have SO much music that we need to release.

Remix wise, I think we will be staying away from that. We’ve had so many requests and we’ve already had to turn down a load of them, but now we’re going to turn down all of them. We really want to focus on Annix, and build Annix. We want to do a wide variety of sounds through Annix really.

With summer coming up, where are you lads performing? Any big festivals yet?
RAMPAGE Festival will be the main one. We have BassFest, Kings of the Rollers X , a few events in Russia and a whole bunch of clubs! You’ll have to pay attention to our socials to find them all out.

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