Taking a peak down in the South-West, Drum & Bass and Bass in general is definitely on it’s rise. One of the main Promoters in Cornwall, is Sweatshop Audio. The lads behind Sweatshop Audio hold some of the biggest nights, and now they’re wanting to hold some of the biggest tunes too. – As they expand in to a label.Β 

Kicking off their first release, is Armenez with Aeglos EP. This EP features 4 tracks, from 4 different sides of the Bass spectrum. All containing a unique heavy bass, which I know you’re just going to love.

The Review

Jumping straight in to the EP, we are greeted with ‘Gully‘. With a slow, relaxed introduction, you’re slowly built up to the drop. With a wave of bass, a bunch of kicks, well-placed synths and a bunch of samples. You feel like you’re on a dubbed adventure through Africa.

Next up, with a fitting name, we have ‘Refocus‘. This track begins with a calming liquid experimental vibe, giving me a feel that the track was influenced by the legend Bop. As we grow in to the track, we take a submerged twist in the path, with the light sounds gaining more of a dubbed feel. With the rolling bass, and the kicks n snares this track is very unique, and I love it.

The title-track, ‘Aeglos‘ starts things off with a recorded sample, before you’re dropped in to the Drum & Bass cycle. With vocal samples over the top, and a range of different sounds, this is definitely becoming a uniquely sounded EP.

The final track we encounter is, ‘Others‘. With a slow, relaxed start – and some casual vocals over the top – we’re brought back in to the dub range, with some heavy chilled out rolling bass. The structure of this track is well-placed, being carefully strung together.

Being the first EP on Sweatshop Audio’s label, this is definitely setting the bar quite high! And what an amazing EP to kick things off with. Follow Sweatshop Audio by clicking here, and remember to take a peak at Armenez too, and stay up to date with his next release.

Stream from Soundcloud below:

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