Audio is BACK with brand new music on his label Snake Pit Records! Named after the DC comics supervillain, he brings us Darkseid.

Audio kicked off his new label with Frog March last month. As anticipated, his ever developing sound & production techniques have delivered a fresh tone for his followers to feast their ears upon.

Yesterday, we saw the latest release from Audio with Darkseid. Darkseid features a harrowing drop staggered by half a bar of searing cries, rapidly accompanied by turbulent throbbing bass synth. Brief intervals between phrases feature cranking reeces, swirling you back into the mix as the track progresses and escalates throughout.

Snake Pit is shaping up to be a quality new source for neurofunk releases, we cannot wait to find out which tracks will be coming next and which other producers might be making an appearance!

Listen to brand new Audio below, or click here to purchase a copy of the track.

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