The wait is finally over, time to kick back and enjoy some Bassrush 3.0!

After a month of being teased with samplers from Viper Recordings, we get the full whammy with Bassrush 3.0 album. A full 37 tracks of some of the smoothest, the most roughest and the heaviest tracks going so far. Not only is it 36 of the hottest bass tracks, but the 37th track which is a mix of the Album, mixed by Flite himself.

If you remember last years Bassrush 2.0, who would of thought it could get any bigger and better?

With this album holding 36 tracks, it’d be too long for me to review each track individually. So lets take a read of my Top 3, and the reasons behind them. Then you need to go and take a listen for yourself.

In no particular order:

Aktive, making a return to Bassrush once again for another year of mayhem. He pulls out the skills in the lab, with his production of “No Way Back“. With a robotic Stephen Hawkings vocals kicking in, speaking about black holes, building an atmosphere to the track. He explains to us, that there is No Way Back, in which, there is definitely no way back from the drop. Once you’re committed to the drop, there is no way of stopping yourself from jumping about. The bounciness of the track, along with the grotty bass I feel, compliments each other so well. Aktive has definitely done this album proud with his addition.

Another top one from this album for me is “Pink Panther“. produced by NC-17. Not much needs to be writing about this track, just the sure fact that it compliments the speakers and the subs alone instantly makes it a favourite. The dynamics behind the tune are just incredible. This tune pulls in a real good vibe for me. I just really wish there would be an extended version.

The final track out of my Top 3, would have to go to the Russian producer Teddy Killerz. His track “Monsters” comes with a real dark and deeper bass to it, which is truly fitting for the name it holds. From the echo heartbeat from the introduction, to the heavy build up to the drop. The female vocals adding further atmosphere, and the drop itself. The insanity to Monsters is real.

Regardless of the Top 3, there is no denying of the talent behind each one of the tracks behind this amazing compilation of Bassrush 3.0. And I have equal love for all the other tunes on the album, it’s definitely worth your listen time. Of course, if you don’t have time to listen to every track individually, you could also just listen to the mix of the album by Flite. That’s just as amazing.

I personally give you the BSSDRP Guarantee, that it’ll be a god-send to your eardrums! So what are you waiting for? Stream the album below, or click here to purchase yourself a copy. 

Don’t forget to leave us your opinion on the album, and state your favourite track!

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