Welcome back, Bensley!Β 
Returning on Friday, Bensley made an appearance with his latest track Kilauea, named after Hawaii’s most active volcano. This track definitely shows that with the levels of explosions, and the most tropical sounds behind it. Not only that, but this track is a perfect taster in what we should expect from his Muskoka LP, due out in July!

When you think of D&B, you don’t think of ukuleles or tropical sounds. You think Drums and Bass, literally! But Bensley’s taken a step back, and added some new sounds in to the spectrum of D&B. And to say the least, he’s made it work!

With a ukulele introducing us in to the track, we’re soon brought forward the the tropical and somewhat tribal sounds and vocals. Don’t be fooled by the soft and chilled out feel to the track though. Because as this track breaks down, we’re unleashed in to a full force explosive dancefloor stepper!

Kilauea is a perfect example and teaser as to what we should be expecting in to Bensley’s upcoming album. Whether it’s a teaser track, or not – this track shows us the elements why we used to (and still do) love Bensley! From his style, his sound design and musicality – Bensley is a genius!

Have a listen to the track yourself below, and be prepared for the upcoming album!


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