The final, and ultimate version of the Patterns series from Bop is finally here.
With the physical copy already taking it’s release as a Record Day Store special. The beautiful sounds of Bop have been pressed down as a 50:50 Black and White 12″ Vinyl. This rare cut is a testament from Bop and his stunning dedication in the explorations of experimental sounds around Drum and Bass. Those of which Med School hold, making this piece a true collectors addition.

Russian Magician Bop returns to present us his final Untitled Patterns series with ‘Patterns I Have Known and Loved’. This extraordinary EP, come with three stunning new tracks which we have never set our ears on before. Alongside an equal number of Bop’s most prized patterns from the previous series.

Bop presents his favourite of the series as Untitled Patterns 48, 52 and most recent 62. With the experimental flows, and beats that send us on a journey – the previous selection won’t need a review from us. We guarantee you’ve heard these tracks before if you’ve been following the year long Patterns series!

By breaking down his new editions to the series, we enter 66, 68 and 69! We’re met with a more playful and joyous trip. With a variety of sounds from ambient, dub, footwork and techno, Bop takes us on a beautiful voyage for the final visit. With stripped back patterns, and a fantastic groove – we enter the blend of Bop.

For a Digital copy of the final series, or the limited 50:50 Vinyl, look no further! Click here to purchase a copy for yourself.

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