ChaseR is a Russian Monster when it comes to his production, and it’s scary to know that he’s still up and coming. With his skills in production, which he has unveiled in his ProgRAM release coming to us on the 15th March – He is definitely a strong producer to watch out for.Β 

BSSDRP have the privilege to open your ears up to the second track, of his double track release. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… Sensum!

You’re greeted with an atmospheric feel to the track, drawing you in closer. Until suddenly, the bass unravels leaving you in a twist. With elements of grittiness, with some laser sharp synths adding pace over the top. Lets not forget the beautiful steppy beat feel to it as well!

With a beautiful feels to Sensum, I can’t wait to hear the other track, Avalanche, tomorrow! Check out the full release on the 15th March.

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