AC-13, an up-coming producer and DJ in the scene, recently hit spotlight with his brand new Bootleg EP, released on Onyx Recordings. Receiving support from K Motionz, Bou and many big named artists in the scene. After hitting top of the free download charts after a few days, invitations from some big labels and much more, you can already tell he is about to blow up in to the scene.

So, what perfect time to get an interview with him, than before he gets completely busy sorting everything out and producing more heavy bangers! So without further waiting, lets jump in to…

The Interview

Up and coming in to the scene, and under a new alias AC-13. Give an introduction of yourself!
My names Jay, I’m from London and I’ve been producing and mixing for the better part of a year now. I actually took quite a substantial break from the scene when I was away from the country but just gotten back into releasing around a month ago!

How would you describe your production style? What genre(s) or sub-genres would you say you produce in?
Tricky question this: I tend to categorize my music into the subgenre of rollers but nowadays ‘rollers’ seems to be a pretty broad term. I like to think that my production is quite varied and I don’t tend to stick to the same algorithm with all my tunes. I actually remember hearing someone a while back saying: it’s all about fat basses and tiny snares. I feel like I’ve adapted that into my production style to say the least!

Jumping straight in, and we’ve recently heard your Bootlegs, both “Still in Love” and “Fu-Gee-La”, released on Onyx Recordings. I must say, they’re pure fire and genius!

What influenced you, or who inspired you in creating those tracks, with the sound designs and madness behind it?
I feel like a lot of people will agree on me pointing out the obvious of there being an influence of Benny L in my sound. He’s a guy that I and many others look up to in the scene and I feel like I’ve subconsciously picked up on his style and adapted it to my own. Another producer I look up to is DJ Limited, an artist that’s hugely broken through the scene recently. If you haven’t heard of him then I highly recommend checking some of his material out!

How comes you picked both old time classics to bootlegs, do you have a personal love for the songs or
was it random?
Ah yes – actually, all of the bootlegs I’ve cooked up so far have been Cait, my girlfriends, suggestions. She’s heavily into the DNB scene and is constantly giving me suggestions for material! However, by making these bootlegs I feel like it was a good way to build some initial hype around the new alias. The Sean Paul bootleg actually went round as a dub seeing support from artists such as K Motionz, however I felt like my best bet was to just release it whilst the hype was still there. I feel like later on in the game it will be more beneficial to keep dubs exclusive once I’ve hopefully gained more respect in the scene – don’t want to get ahead of myself!

Some people would call your “Still in Love” bootleg a “Dark Roller”. Which is quite a distinctive style at the moment. Would you class it as a sub-genre? If so, what would you call it?
I feel like the term “dark roller” is a fitting one for this bootleg. The original song in itself is completely the opposite from dark, therefore quite a nice contrast when the drop comes out of nowhere. Since there is next to no additional percussion in the build up that would give away the fact that it is a drum and bass bootleg, I feel like it’s a nice break from the drums when played live in a set.

Plus, everyone loves a bit of Sean Paul. Let’s be real.

Within a few days of releasing the Bootleg EP, your tracks hit top of the Free Download charts. Claiming both first place and second place, how does that feel?
Yeah its pretty cool man. I think a lot of the support has stemmed from the Facebook community ‘DNBTalk’. I remember posting videos of the tracks whilst they were ‘WIPS’ and they received some amazing support. The videos also lead to being contacted by some amazing artists with some opportunities I can hopefully soon disclose!

Not only have you accomplished smacking the top of the charts, but there is rumour you’ve had big named artists, such as Bou, contacting you for demo’s to jump on their labels. Is that true, and if so, how does it feel just the sheer fact you’re getting recognised by some high profiles within the scene?
Yeah it’s been pretty interesting so far. Bou did indeed get in touch and I will soon be cooking up some demos for him and some other big labels that, once confirmed, I will be announcing! It’s nice to be recognized for the work that’s being put in, I can say with confidence now that the workflow will not be slowing down at any point.

Damn, that sounds good! Continuing with the ‘Bou Topic’ for a second. We’ve seen Serum, Unglued and most recently Annix do a bootleg/remix of Poison. Could we expect another from AC13, to keep the trend going?
Yeah, I actually heard the Annix edit of that recently and was blown away. I feel like I would really be having to step my game up to top it but maybe could be seeing an exclusive AC13 edit. Time will tell! I feel like now that Annix has tackled it and done so well then it would be a very hit or miss idea.

You also grabbed Track of the Week on Croydon FM’s – Fun and Bass Show with TJ. You’re making a lot of great achievements just from these 2 tracks in the EP.

But… you obviously can’t stop here, when the fun is literally just beginning. What’s happening next for AC-13? Have you got any plans lined up, anything you can reveal?
Moving in towards the new year there will be plenty of releases. I am working closely with Kontakt on material for a charity LP that Onyx Recordings are working very hard on alongside Music Minds Matter to bring out an amazing Collab LP in the near future. Onyx are an amazing label with huge bits coming in 2019, kicking it off with their first paid release with an EP from the incredible Lupo. Deffo one to watch out for.

I can also announce that, come the end of the year, I will be falling under Onyx management with Chris Wickens, he’s worked so hard on my releases so far so guaranteed to do some great work in the future. Another thing to keep eyes peeled for!

As well as the latter, I can also reveal that I am currently working on a bside release for Soulvent Records, owned by Pola & Bryson, Gyro records, run by Audiomission (as well as this, will be collabing with Audiomission himself after the gyro release) and I am currently in the process of a Collab with Vital which, once confirmed, will be featuring an amazing surprise vocalist. More news to be revealed very soon!

Where are the best places for people to stay up to date with your latest news, announcements and track releases?
You can catch most of my updates on Instagram and my new Facebook page!

Another great interview completed, and a look in to the details behind AC-13s Bootleg EP as well as what he is getting up to next. AC-13 is one you should definitely watch, I have a strong feeling, this guy is soon going to blow up in the scene!

Also, make sure you give him a follow on Soundcloud, so you can grab a taste of his next releases as soon as they happen. But for now, you can stream his Bootleg EP below.

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