Having the privilege to have seen Aktive previously perform, in his early days, compared to his recent moves which include track releases on Viper. It’s been amazing to see. And seeing as he is a local lad, to BSSDRP’s hometown, Luton, it’s another great and amazing thing. 

With all of this going on for himself, we thought it’d be best to get him in for an interview and to find out a little more with what he has been up to, so lets get straight in to it!

The Interview

Starting things off easily, introduce yourself? 
Hi guys, my names Shane Boyle and i go by the alias Aktive. Im from sunny luton town and ive been writing and producing music for about 10 years.

If you had to describe your music in 3 words, what would they be?
If i had to describe my music in 3 words i think “heavy, dance-floor bangers” would do it,although that might be 4 words haha

Last time I saw you, was at an event in Luton called “Rub a Dub” – What have you been up to since then?
Yeah i remember we met about 4 or 5 years ago, i was making dubstep back then. But ive always had a huge love of drum n bass but i never really had the production techniques to write anything passable in the scene, so i got my head down and didnt stop writing dnb till it sounded strong enough to put out, producing dnb is a whole other ball game, it almost felt like starting again!

What stages have you appeared on since “Rub a Dub”?
Well to be honest, i haven’t really appeared on too many stages because im still in the process of making a name for myself, although at the beginning of the year i played the Viper night at egg London, then again in august, so that was really cool

What’s been your most favourite to perform on, and why?
Well as egg is the only one it’ll have to be that by default haha, although even if i had played a ton of stages egg would still be there, the vibe in there is amazing, i was on at 5 and the place was still jumping, its always a proper party at the viper nights, especially when you combine it with egg

Other than being on some big stages, what’s been the highlight of your career so far?
The highlight of my career so far is basically where im at right now, im in a position where im releasing music consistently on one of the biggest dnb labels in the world, but getting my track particle with des mcmahan played on the radio 1 dnb show was definitely a bucket list tick

Let’s get in to this track you just dropped with Viper on Bassrush. It seems like: Another year, another track on Viper’s Bassrush – How does it feel?
Yeah man its such an honour to feature on such a huge release, viper have showed a lot of faith in me the last couple of years, so I’m doing my best to show it wasn’t in vain

Other than track appearances for Bassrush, have you been doing other things with Viper Recordings?
Yeah, the last couple of years ive had about 6 releases on all their comps and ive done a remix for cianna blaze, which got the okay form maxim of the prodigy, which was huge for me.

Moving back to this track, it’s appeared in my top 3 favourites from the entire album – What type of influence did you have in creating the track?
Ah man i really appreciate that, thats a huge compliment considering the amount bangers there are on the release, thanks man! In terms of influence, i always try and write something that will go off on a dance floor and something i know i like and my friends would like haha. i always try and picture the reaction it would get in a club or a rave, and i try to imagine how i would react to it if i heard it for the first time. so my influence is basically the dnb scene and the people that love it

Obviously, getting the track put on Bassrush 3.0 is major, but have you been receiving any further support from the track?
In terms of support i know a lot of the viper guys have been playing it out, which is always cool

What’s happening next for Aktive? Any tracks, EPs or even Albums you’re working on?
Well im playing the matrix and future bound album release party at egg in November which is gonna be huge, but in terms of music the next step for me is to get my own single on Viper, so im working really hard in the studio to get something thats sounds huge, and im still honing my craft, im working mix downs and new production techniques all the time, I’m no where near the finished article yet but I’m always trying to improve my sound. and im lucky enough to have the ear of label boss Futurebound to get feedback from, hes a guy thats had huge chart success with matrix so when he talks you definitely have to listen because they have achieved serious things not only in drumnbass but in the music scene in general

Thank you for doing this interview with us, for people who dig your music, where can they find the latest news and music from Aktive?
No problem at all man! its a pleasure! it honestly means the world to me that people are enjoying my music and to have a platform like viper to showcase it.
you can keep track on what ive been up to on my socials here:


So there it is! Another completed interview and this time with Aktive. Learning more about his recent track, his connections with Viper, and much more. Make sure you check out his socials, and drop him a follow. Big things to come!

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