Having already built a strong momentum for himself with several releases under his belt, Coops has now signed to the mighty High Focus Records to take his musical output to the next level. With his brand new album ‘Life in the Flesh’ which dropped today, I was lucky enough to get a chance to ask him a few questions about this new release and what’s been on the cards for him.

So lets get straight in to it, I present to you…

The Interview

We haven’t seen a release from you in a while, what have you been up to?
Life, you know what I make a lot of music but I haven’t been releasing it for a while until no brainer, and I had music stacked up and I actually had this album for a while but thought rather than coming out with the album first I should release a tape first so I released no brainer first and kept it going with Life in the Flesh.

Festival wise, what has 2018 had lined up for you?
I did Boomtown and Outlook Festival which were my first two festivals to be fair. It was good, it was a nice experience and nice to get out and preform music in other countries and stuff, its fun.

Can you tell me a bit about getting signed to High Focus Records?
Its defiantly had a positive impact on my career, it was nice because at the time I was making a lot of music and didn’t really know what I was going to do with it. Then they approached me like ‘Do you have any music that you could release on the label?’ and obviously I had loads of music so worked out well.

Life in the Flesh is now released, can you tell me a bit about what the album entails?
Its defiantly a deep album. Its one of the first albums I’ve done that I feel is quite conceptual, its got a start, middle and end to it so it defiantly takes you on a journey. I feel like, for me, it a journey of self-discovery and for the listener, if I’m honest with myself, they will be able to take away my experiences and think about their own experiences so I’m very intrigued to see how people take it but I know they’ll enjoy it because I do.

Is there anyone in particular who’s influenced your work on this album?
I feel like a lot of my music is to do with people that are close around me and I never really branch out for features, like there are people on my tape who are my family, my cousins on ‘Gorilla’ and there are additional vocals on the album so I feel like it’s a combination of things that are going on around me at the time. I speak a lot about my family, about my mum and dad, on this album. There’s a song called ‘If I Die’, that address lots of people in my life, my family and friends directly. Its like being able to say something to them you wouldn’t normally say because convocations don’t get that deep, but you can say it over a track.

Can you tell me about the features on your album?
So there’s not actual features on there, like actual verses, but I have vocals from singers, like a talented guy called Jarome Thomas who laid some vocals on one of the songs called ‘Fresh Air’. There’s also an additional vocal from a singer called Aux/Aux, a sneaky vocal from Gabriella Vixen, and an artist who I collaborated with on Lost Soul called Sophie Faith who’s on ‘If I Die’ and as I said my cousin Tristan Isiah who is on ‘Gurillas’ but it’s definitly not feature heavy.

Do you produce your own tracks or have a favourite producer to go to?
Yeah, I’ve got a friend who I work with a lot called Talos, and produced pretty much all the tracks on here and I also produced one of the tracks, and some switch ups in the beats. I like to get involved as much as I can, but I wouldn’t call myself a producer, I just get on Talos’ nerves.

Your album has a lot of hard hitting topics around race and other issues, is there any situation that has urged you to write any of the lyrics?
Yeah there was actually, there’s a few, but one in particular comes to mind when you say that. There’s a track called ‘Fresh Air’ and it I mention a story about a kid who lived local to me, he died on a moped as a result of being chased by the police and I used to have a moped and I got chased by the police and crashed literally 50 yards from where he crashed, the only difference was I got up and ran away where as he tragically died and that urged me to write that song.

You said in a previous interview that your inspired by greats and not just what is current. Who are your greatest influences?
You know what, I feel like, my main inspirations are people that have merged music and some sort of political issue. People that manged to transcend beyond just making a record people want to listen to and ending up influencing culture and people, so like Bob Marley, TuPac, Bob Dylan. People who use there voice to socially commentate on the world around them and the circumstances they grew up in or what they’ve been through. Even people that don’t do that influence me into not being like them. Everything’s influences me, its just how it influences me.

What do you have planned next?
That’s a good question, I’ve got a lot of music that I’ve made, but will probably create something new for the next summer, but I don’t want to reveal too much, it’s a surprise.

Have you got any live performances coming up this year?
Yeah I do but none of them are in the UK, I think my next ones Austria. But we are going to be doing an album launch in about a month in London. I just want people to enjoy the album so they can com along and know the words. Were contemplating a little tour for it as well but nothings certain.

Are there any colabs lined up?
We’re thinking about doing a few remix’s from the album, I wanted this to be a solo album but think a lot of the songs will sound great with people on.

Thank you Coops once again for having a chat with me to discuss your new album.

In conclusion, I think Coops is one of the most thoughtful writers who discusses the issues that need discussing and isn’t afraid of how he says it. He’s a serious talent and now being signed to High Focus, nothing is stopping this man from going far in the UK Hip Hop scene. Be sure to check out his new album ‘Life in the Flesh’ .

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