Powerhouse trio Drumsound & Bassline Smith are celebrating 20 years of their label Technique Recordings, and it all kicks off this Friday 15th February.

After recently announcing a celebratory three-part album series which will see unreleased dubs, remixes and brand-new exclusive tracks from the likes of Digital, Roni Size, The Prototypes, Kanine and Bladerunner, they hit London warehouse club ‘The Cause’ for a special Technique Takeover.

They had a chat with us to find out what else is coming soon on Technique, so lets jump in!

Congratulations on 20 years of Technique! You’ve got the Technique Takeover in London coming up this Friday to celebrate, and you’re bringing a huge line-up! Legends like Grooverider and DJ SS, Technique stars Tantrum Desire and No Concept as well as Document One and Logan D. You must be hyped for that?
Yes, we are all really hyped about our first Technique Takeover in London. We have done Takeovers all round Europe and it’s awesome to finally bring one to the capital, particularly by playing at ‘The Cause’. It’s an up-and-coming venue in Tottenham that suits D’n’B down to the ground as its warehouse style vibe and low ceilings recreates the type of venues you used to get in the 90’s before the rise of the super clubs.

As an added bonus they also actively support mental health charities such as C.A.L.M, Mind and Help Musicians UK – a cause we 100% support. We will be showcasing some of the fabulous artists and talent that we had on the label as well as inviting some of our friends such as Grooverider & DJ SS – It’s going to be a banging night!!

That’ll be a big night! And great that it benefits such worthy causes too. You can pick up a ticket here.

We loved the Booyaka EP you put out in December, have you got a favourite tune from the EP? ‘Straight from the Underground’ must absolutely go off in your sets!
Nice one! Yeah, we had been playing all the tracks off the Booyaka EP all summer and the response was amazing. It wasn’t originally going to be an EP but we thought there was a such great contrast between all the tracks that it could definitely do well as an EP.

‘Booyaka’ was definitely a favourite as, we felt, it has a broad spectrum of influences and really ticked a lot of boxes for us. It was dancefloor, heavy but rollin’ and had a jungly influence too which is something we have been trying to incorporate back into our sound over the last year or so. It reminded us of something we would write in the mid-2000’s.

‘Straight from the Underground’ was a late edition to the EP but its relentless hard drums and ruthless pounding bass made it an instant hit on the dancefloor, so it had to be included in the project.

Definitely, there’s a wicked mix of styles on the EP and all such big tunes!

Last year you dropped ‘The Bomb’ with Tantrum Desire, a massive collab! Have you got any other collabs planned?
We had been working on ‘The Bomb’ for a couple of years but we were never really satisfied that the huge build up was justified when it dropped. It was only when we asked Jay (Tantrum Desire) to see if he could work his magic on it did it all really come together. We were instantly taken by the results and has such a devastatingly wicked dancefloor vibe.

We have been in the studio lately working on a collab to celebrate our return to Rampage festival which is coming soon. You definitely have to keep your ear to the ground for this one when it drops… Huge!

Nice! Speaking of Tantrum Desire and Rampage, you’re playing there this year as Technique International Sound with him and Youngman, that’s a killer combo! Is this something you plan to continue in future or will it be a one off?
Technique International Sound is here to stay. We have worked with Tantrum Desire for years and years and his ethos when it comes to music and the way he DJ’s matches our vibe perfectly. Sometimes when people do B2B it can be disjointed or too much of a mismatch but with Technique International Sound it just works… We will defo be doing more dates over the summer and throughout the rest of the year so keep an eye out.

You heard it here first! Look out for Technique International Sound on more future line-ups.

Tell us about the Technique Music Academy that you launched recently, sounds like a great project to share the skills you’ve developed through your careers.
Yes we felt, in our 20th year, that it was the right time to share all the skills, experience and knowledge we have developed to help others achieve their musical goals. Nowadays the music industry is as much about being self-sufficient as it is being artist. You are expected to DJ, produce, have social media presence and even run a label – but it’s really hard work and people can really benefit from first-hand actual knowledge and experience, maybe more so, than what you could receive from a degree.

That’s why we’ve had such great feedback so far – we can actually help our clients to do the things we have done in practice rather than theory from a lecturer or whatever. We know how to survive in this industry and if we can share that and help then that’s what we want to do.

Fancy DJ courses with Simon Bassline-Smith, production tips from Andy Drumsound or vocal coaching from Youngman? Check out the Technique Music Academy here

You guys have a hectic tour schedule, what were your favourite gigs of last year?
One of the best gigs ever was finally playing in Hawaii, it’s somewhere we’ve always wanted to visit and it didn’t disappoint. It’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

EDC Vegas was the biggest and most jaw dropping festival ever. It’s situated on the outskirts of LA, the sheer size and scale was nothing short of incredible. It’s held on a race track out in the middle of the desert… people converge from all over the world to see some of the biggest electronic music has to offer, highly recommended if you get the chance to go…

They both sound amazing, definitely for the bucket list.

Looking to the rest of 2019, who should we look out for releasing big tunes on Technique?
Expect more of the same, we’ve started the year with a bang with releases from North Base, No Concept, Smooth, L Plus and Tantrum Desire which firmly set us up for a monster year. We’re currently finalising our new single, which hopefully will be dropping around March. We’ve a few other things in the pipeline – can’t say too much about at the moment but keep your ears firmly to the ground for Technique in 2019.

Exciting stuff, this is definitely going to be a huge year for Technique!

Thanks again for chatting to us, can’t wait to hear more music from you and the Technique crew this year!

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