Dutta recently made his mark on the DnB scene with the well-acclaimed Dominos EP that graced our ears in September. The Manchester-based rollers machine has previously released on Diamond Audio, Dubz Audio, and Souped Up, some very prestigious labels with a host of top names on their rosters.

We recently caught up with Dutta to talk about Souped Up, DnB Arena awards, and of course THAT reload…

Congratulations on your recent release on Souped Up! How exactly did you manage to get on that label’s books?
It started with me releasing some tunes on Biological Beats. Voltage, Bladerunner and Bou caught on to that, and recommended me to Serum! Sent some tunes to Serum 6-12 months ago, I hoped to get a collab with someone but he just requested a solo release instead. Really respect all the promo from Serum and Benny V, both of them have helped so much. I’ve got an EP coming up with Bou on there so watch out for that! Also, we have Dominos pt. 2 coming out next year.

I’ve noticed a lot of producers are offering one to one tuition classes. Why do you think so many producers are doing this now?
Honestly, a lot of it comes down to financial stability. When we don’t have many gigs lined up, or just need a little bit extra to help to pay the bills, it really helps with the anxiety you get with these kinds of things as a DJ. Obviously, it’s always good to help other people out as well!

It’s great that you are helping other people get in to production. How exactly did you learn to produce yourself?
I don’t really know! It started out with Dubstep, guys like Loefah, Mala, J-Kenzo all inspired me to start. I’ve never been so obsessed with something before, it’s kind of hard to explain. Now I find producing helps a lot with mental health, I just want to make music when I’m happy or sad.

Sample packs are so helpful for other producers. Do you use elements from the ones you make in your own tracks?
Yeah, I use my own drums and synths in the packs in my own productions. I use fresh drums sometimes, and normally build a vibe from a drum loop, instead of getting stuck on one idea.

Nice move including dubs in your sample packs as well. You been busy producing?
Not for the last two months, really! Just finished a tour with Jayline so I’ve been less busy than normal. Still aim to produce about 4 tunes a month, though.

We’ve seen you produce tracks alongside some other very well-known artists. Do you have any other collabs in the work?
Got a lot actually! Taxman, Serum, Bou & Voltage, Jayline… also Annix. I love both of the Annix guys’s stuff, so it was a really surreal experience producing with them.

You’ve worked a lot with Bou, both live in Manchester, and are often on the same lineups as him. How did you get to know him so well?
I actually met Bou before he made music! I’ve been making music since I was 13, and met Bou when I was 16. Knew him through skateboarding and we just became best mates. We started making music together, came through together, have the same flex, and now motivate each other to get better together! Extreme sports really link people up, and so does going to free parties together… we just started taking things really seriously and not letting anything ruin the vision.

Potentially a controversial question, this one. Rollers: subgenre or not?
Yeah, it’s a subgenre. Don’t like people getting all worked up over the discussions though. Not going to name any names, but some people look down on things and don’t have a clue what they’re talking about! Someone came up to me at a party and asks how the ‘jump up’ is going, like in a really sarcastic way. People speak down on other people because of subgenres and just use labels to look cool. Really, we’re all just here to have fun instead! It’s all about unity, not individual tastes being better. Don’t like those egos.

A clip from one of your recent sets blew up on social media, can you tell us more about THAT rewind in the video?
So, I was headlining a sold out show in Huddersfield, where I used to live. Completely ram packed. This lad reached over the decks and rewound for me, four times! Thought it was a funny video to put on socials, I wasn’t too arsed about it really. Wasn’t bothered by it at all. The vibe was really at that level, and no-one was kicking off! Had really good fun that night.

What other memorable DJ sets do you have?
Invaderz NYE, the year before last. Had the 5-6am slot so I was drinking whatever when Guv & Majistrate was on. Hedex wanted to do his intro for the countdown, so asked me to jump on the decks 10 minutes before his set. It was so scary! It was my first gig outside of the country after my car accident, so I had lots of anxiety and was shaking when I came off the decks. Had Hedex apologise and say he wouldn’t have asked me if he knew I was so scared – it was fine though, you’ve got to throw yourself in the deep end.

Rewinds are a contentious topic. Are they overused? What makes a good rewind?
Definitely bad if you stop the mix from progressing, they’re not needed then. Try not doing too many in a set.

A cliché question but a relevant one – do you tend to play more for the crowd or for yourself?
I definitely used to play for myself more when I was younger, but play a lot more for the crowd now. I’m charging money for a set – you have to play classics so your set will pop off and you get booked again! I’m always looking for ways to get better though, everyone is their own worst critic.

The DnB Arena Awards are coming up soon. Who are you supporting, and who do you think will go home with an award?
I want Bou to win best newcomer, and want to give a big thank you for Diamond Audio being nominated for best new label! I’ll be gassed if either of them take it, but would also love it if Kanine got best newcomer and K Motionz won best album. I’m not going to be biased, fair play to Fergus [Kanine], you couldn’t argue against it if he won. His sound design is getting so much better, and there’s real longevity in his career.

Last question. How can we keep up to date with all the latest Dutta news?
You can find me on my Facebook , Insta , and SoundCloud!.

Needless to say, be sure to check out Dutta if you haven’t already. You can listen to Dominos EP below – and read our thoughts about it as well!

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