While many people hype about the new DJs and Producers on the block. We had to go back in time, and show respect to a DJ/Producer who’s been a part of this game long before you were born. With a cabinet of awards for his incredible DJ Skills, we had to get this interview done, so let us introduce you to.. Neil Badboy! 

Neil Badboy has been in the scene for more than 20 Years, a true veteran. He has had his fair share in producing, DJ’ing and also winning awards! We decided to have a chat with him, to see how he has been doing, what he’s been up to and what’s happening next for him within the scene.

For those new to the scene and may not know you, able to introduce yourself? 
Easy everyone, My name is Neil Badboy, Im from Corby,Northants, UK. I’m a Dnb and Jungle Dj and producer.
I first touched a set of decks in late 1992,Got my first set in 1993, and first played out in 1994 at a charity event.It was just for fun and the love of the music and I never took it all seriously until friends would tell me I should be getting my name out there.

What/Who inspired you to start up all those years ago?
We used to go to a club night called equinox ,milwaukees, at soul drop turn near bedford.Pretty much every big name from the scene passed through that club. I was definitely inspired by Dj Ratty ,His mixing skills and selection stood out from everyone else, and also Dj hype and Andy c.

Knowing you’ve been in the scene for quite some time, do you believe it’s changed in any way?
There has been so many transitions since the rave scene first split in 1994. I think the scene has Changed a lot, more so now as we have so many different sub genre`s of dnb with their own nights and followings.

I’ve noticed you’ve got Many awards, how many in total have you got now?
I was always entering dj competitons ,kind of how I made a name for myself.

I have won around 10, including Raveology next gen dj 2005 ,Dnbarena / ministry of sound 2005 Random concept global energy winner 2010, and the final,one I entered innovation in the dam 2014.

What would you say is the best award you got?
I think my personal favourite was my random concept one. I had to battle in the finals at global energy weekender ,camber sands against 6 other djs , infront of a full crowd and judges including ic3. Random concept gave me quite a push and gave me the opportunity for my first germany booking.

Putting the awards to one side now, what’s been the highlight of your career to date?
Probably one of the Events I headlined in Hamburg. Such a great friendly crowd.

What’s been your most favourable stage to play the decks on? and Why?
I don’t think I could pick just one. The Summer gathering`s at roadmender, Raveology`s at air and que club, Slammin vinyl NYE at NEC, played some great events abroad also in Germany, Amsterdam and Belgium.

You last released your own track back in 2015, have you stopped producing altogether? What’s going on?
I took a break for a while from producing,as I just wasn’t inspired to get on the beats after loosing all my projects when my studio PC died. (Always back up your projects!!) – I’m now in the process of rebuilding my studio.

So you’re definitely making a return to producing then!?

When you return to producing, is there anybody that you’d want to collaborate with, right away?
I`ve done a few colabs with with Sublimit and we bounce off each other well, they are really talented guys and i’m always learning from them. We are local to each other so im sure we will be doing some future work together again.

What’s the future holding for Neil Badboy? – Any big events you’re on the line up for/Up-coming news?
At present,im currently pushing my own promotions , Audio Unity dnb, and 100% dnb. We have been putting events on the past year, and are now planning our 1st birthday bash, and also our first under 18`s event.

What’s keeping you motivated to stay in the scene? Who’s influencing you now?
Like anything ,when you have been into something for a long time,you do have to find ways to keep motivated, For me its always been the music itself, I just love the music. 

Dj wise, Im still a big Hype and Andy c fan, also Dj hazard and s.p.y for dj sets as well as production. but my favourite producer is serum.

Any tips or advice you’d like to give other people, entering the scene as a DJ or a Producer?
Production is where it`s at and has been for quite a few years. I think these days dnb is so popular, and there is so many up and coming dj`s – you really need your own beats to stand out from the rest.

Where can people find you, to get future news and updates?

So there you have it! A bit of an in-sight in to Neil Badboy, from his past, present and a look in to his future. If I was you, I’d keep an eye on his socials – With him returning to production soon, it only means that there will be big things to come!

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