It’s time to listen up. From being a personal firm favourite over the years and having countless releases on various labels. He’s had one of the most talked about B2B sets of 2018 and has created one of the most sought after dubs of the year ‘Shot Down’. T>I is literally no stranger to the DNB scene.

What more can he possible achieve this year? Well you would think Christmas has come early with his brand new ‘Rollers Delight EP’, dropping tomorrow, on Souped Up Records. I managed to have a cheeky chinwag with the main man himself in regards to his upcoming release.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further a do..* drum roll please * …this is T>I!!

Hey! Thank you for agreeing to have a quick natter with me.
Hey Elli! 

Lets get stuck in shall we!

Okay, so the title of your upcoming release is the ‘Rollers Delight EP’ – Without the title stating the obvious, how would you describe your sound and style overall? You’ve been in the production game for time now, so if some one were to listen to you for the first time, how would you even describe your music?
I think even though my style, sound and track motion is obvious, it’s also quite hard to describe. My tunes are very striped back so they sound quite raw and real. But in short I’d say to anyone that’s not heard any of my tracks that I make; “Hoodrat Swing Beat”. I stole that line off a lad that was trying to describe my sound at a gig one night in the summer, so I think that wins.

Yep, you’re right, that does win!! What were your main influences for this EP?
So I teamed up with Current Value & Serum on two of the tracks, which was really interesting. I absolutely loved the results! The pair of them have been my favourite producers for years, so it was a bit of an honour really. The whole EP I suppose was driven though by Mark (Serum) wanting something different from me, so I went with more synth driven tracks instead of a subby sort of striped back kind of vibe.

Settle this for me please. You have two answers to pick from, so chose carefully. ARE ROLLERS A GENRE?

1)Yep don’t @ me . 2)Absolutely not Elli.
Absolutely not Elli!


You’ve had releases on many labels, ranging from Playaz, Grid Recordings, Serial Killaz, Critical, Co-Lab Recordings just to name a few!! How did this release on Serum & Benny V’s label Souped Up Records come about?
I’ve known Mark for a long time now so in passing one night he asked if I’d be up for producing an EP. It was a no brainer really, as I like the way Mark & Benny run the label. The output so far has been insane!

Speaking of Serum, you have collaborated with him on the track ‘Swington’, which is an absolute banger by the way!! Tell me how your collab came about? What did you like the best about working with him?
I can’t give away any secrets so long story short, I made a tune that went off at Boomtown, but it was lacking something. So I stemmed it, pinged it across to Mark and then he barstardised it. He sent it back to mixdown…. And there she was. Born weighing in at 18.2 tons!!

Hahahaha congratulations to you both, she’s beautiful!! Another collaboration on the EP is with Current Value for the track Blue Lagoon. I absolutely love this track; your styles compliment each other nicely. That must have been so sick working with him! – Again, how did that all come about?
We’ve done a few collabs now, but this is one of my personal favourites. I love an off stepper. I also love how this one sounds quite sandy in the mixdown. He’s a very clever guy on production.

What is your view on collaborations? Is it fun to see what other artists can offer and bring to the table? Is each collab a new learning curve? Do you do everything separately, or do you actually spend time in the studio and crack these projects out together?
To be honest, it’s however your life can work with. So for me time is precious, as I still run a day job, I also promote events, so I have mostly been working from separate studios in regards to the collab front. Unless it’s Upgrade, as we live fairly close. But either way, yeah you learn a lot! Different flow techniques etc.

Last time I bumped into you, I witnessed that insane b2b with Benny L at Boomtown and a pretty hefty b2b with Upgrade at HITP! What adventures have you been up to since then?
The Benny & I Boomtown set was mad! But the queue of people outside the venue trying to get in was even more crazy, so let’s just that was a moment right there!
I’ve played more shows with Benny since which have been amazing. As well with Upgrade, from Run at Motion to The Moles in Bath, it’s been an exciting year so far!

What track has been your personal fav this year? Who do you feel has been making waves in the DNB scene and one to look out for?
Depends what you mean as in favourite this year? To mix or buy?
If it’s to mix. ‘Quest” – Bladerunner Remix or ‘Barbara’ – Voltage absolutely bangs in the mix. To buy I’d have to say Kasra’s ‘Ski-Mask EP’ as it’s caught a vibe I loved back in the early 2000s, but obviously with today’s vibe and it’s sick!
Making waves I’d say Kanine, Upgrade, Limited, KOTR and Saxxon. They have all made ridiculously good music this year. Along with some fresh faces like Nectax, Traumatize, Leaf & Stompz, they’re doing bits at the moment.

So what’s in store for T>I in 2019? Can we look forward to some exciting collaborations? Are there any big festivals on the cards? Spill the goss!
Lots of cool stuff happening in 2019, I can’t wait for it, so you’ll have to roll with it like I am and see where it goes!

Tell me a random fun fact?
My friend Simon can do 2.5 lengths of a pool under water on one breath. MENTAL!

Holy shit, that is pretty mental to be fair! Thank you so much for your time. Before I keep you any longer, how can we all keep up to date with you and your future projects?
Thank you to for asking me to do this Elli, links below for anyone that hasn’t checked before. Peace!
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Don’t forget to that the ‘Rollers Delight EP’ will be available to purchase/download on all online music sites and streaming services on Thursday 20th December (tomorrow)!!

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