Liam Wood, better known as Traumatize sent shock waves throughout the Drum and Bass scene with his Stereo Yout Part I release.

With the sounds of Part I, Traumatize’s has since been known to subject you to some kind of physical injury with the absolute face-melters and slappers he produces, forcing us in to recovery. Whilst many of us have been nursing our wounds from the likes of Gas Dem EP, and of course Stereo Yout Part I, Traumatize is back again. This time, he’s ready to shell out the bangers with the next series of Stereo Yout.

Take cover, and get ready, as Stereo Yout Part II is set to explode on Friday! But before then, let’s find out what we’re in for as Liam spills the beans and plenty more.

The last time we spoke properly was a few months back, before the release of Stereo Yout Part I. Which may I add, did INSANELY well. Congratulations, Beatport number one on the DNB Charts! What was your initial reaction to having a No 1 Charting EP, that must have been mad?
Yeah that was mad, I honestly didn’t expect it at all! I think I was shocked more than anything, I still don’t know how it got to number one on Beatport. Hahaha that’s actually mental! I was just so happy for it to get a release so people could finally get their hands on it and hear it.

Honestly Liam, you’ve accomplished so much recently! What’s been some of the major highlights of your career as Traumatize, so far?
I would have to say it’s having the best artists in the game supporting my music week in week out! If that isn’t a highlight, I don’t know what is! …Oh and that Beatport number one of course, that was definitely a highlight!

What have you been up to since the release of Part One?
Making tonnes more music for you guys 🙂

Yes! that’s what I like to hear!! So tell me, the Stereo Yout EP’s – Why Part One and Part Two? How did that come about?
To be honest it was just because I had an abundance of tracks. I was super excited to get back to making music after the Gas Dem EP because of how well it did –  Especially for my first EP on the label, I didn’t want to start slacking. So I was making music all day everyday for months, fuelled on Gas Dem’s success and I ended up with about 10 tunes. There were talks of a mini album kind of thing but we scrapped that idea and decided to go with a two part EP. Then we narrowed it down to the best tracks, and yeah, the rest is history!

What goes in to selecting the tracks for your EP’s? Do you set a theme and you’re like; Yep, I’m going to write some tunes based on or around that theme? Or do you just produce music daily and compile your favourable work?
Sometimes I will try and stick to a theme as best as I can. But for the most part, it’s a compilation of my best tracks around that time.

You very kindly sent me part two a few weeks back. And OMG I am so excited for people to hear it! ‘Mind your Own’ is finally on there! I’ve been waiting a long time for it. What inspired you to create that synth? I remember the first time I ever heard it dropped, that synth combined with that sub bass literally blew my head off man!
Oh dear! Hope you found your head afterwards!?

Hahaha I did, don’t worry! 

Not really sure what inspired me to make it, I just wanted to make something odd. I never liked it at first, it just sounded too weird, but I loved the sub bass parts. I couldn’t get my head round that synth in all honesty. But it’s definitely one of those tunes that grows on you I think.

I’ve noticed with every release you’ve had, you get more and more diverse as you progress. The track ‘So What’ is very bouncy and energetic. I love it. What influenced you to take a different approach and direction in your sound?
I like switching things up. I couldn’t keep making the same kind of tunes over and over again. If that was the approach I took I wouldn’t be making music today and I would of burnt myself out years ago. The way I see it, is that every artist has got the capability to be diverse but some choose not to and that’s a real shame because in my opinion they just get boring and predictable and well… that’s boring hahaha. Plus you won’t learn that much about yourself as an artist if you don’t want to think outside the box now and then.

Again with ‘Spin’ –  Back to your roots, that’s the Traumatize I used to know! Different end of the spectrum compared to the likes of what you’re producing now eh!? I personally know you’ve previously dabbled in Jump-Up, but for the people that don’t, is this a sound you’re going to continue to follow on with?
Nah I don’t think so, you might hear the odd jump up tune now and again from me, but it’s not a style I want to keep going to be honest. I like to make all kinds of drum and bass and constantly be changing my sound. I don’t want to pigeon hole myself in to one sound if that makes sense.

Makes perfect sense mate! ‘Stick Around’ is a proper growler of a roller. I know I ask everyone I interview this, but I would feel rude not asking your opinion on the subject. In my opinion, I feel that rollers are associated with sound/feel, but people beg to differ. So Traumatize, are rollers a sub genre!?
Haha! At the end of the day it’s all drum and bass. But for anyone who’s unsure the sub genres of drum n bass would be liquid, neuro, jump up etc. The word roller is more about the feel of a track and the way it ROLLS hence the name rollers, e.g. my track ‘’Gas Dem’’ is something I would class a roller – So if you’re to tell me I’ve contributed to this imaginary sub genre aswell? Well, that would be cool if I did! But I haven’t. Gas Dem is more of a minimal tune if we are going to get technical and precise here, but it does roll! But no Elli, rollers are not a sub-genre. People just need to educate themselves a bit more so they can understand all this nonsense they argue about.

Hahahaha, I’m glad you agree!

You’re a fairly independent artist with this large, unique sound. You rarely collaborate with others – Talking in terms of the future, what artists and/or labels are you wanting to work/collaborate with?
To be brutally honest I prefer working alone. I like doing everything myself, if I jump on a collab most of the time I never get the feel of an actual track – That might sound weird, but I only get that feeling from solo work if I haven’t produced the whole thing, so nine times out of ten I won’t like the track. Also I see making music as quite a personal and selfish thing, so that’s another reason I rarely collab.

What started your love for drum and bass, and who’s influenced you? 
Not really sure how my love for drum and bass came about it, it just did! I was listening to dancehall way before drum n bass, my dad was a fan and I would hear certain tunes at home and be like; Damn I need that! It just instantly grew on me, so I used to steal his CDs and copy them, then listen to them religiously – Hahaha big ups to my dad!
Once I started producing I realised I could merge the dancehall with D&B and that’s what I tend to do in some of my tracks.

Big up’s your Dad though, what a legend!

Not going to lie, I was kind of a little gutted I didn’t hear any of your signature dancehall samples in Part two of the EP. Is there a reason as to why you didn’t include any?
The reason there are no dancehall samples on part II is because it wasn’t meant to be a dancehall theme through out the whole project. Stereo Yout has just made it seem that way, plus I really wanted to showcase some different styles on part 2.

In regards to future projects, what are currently working on, or about to start working on? Rumour has it there’s a few remixes in the pipeline?
Ok you ready? So this year I have been given a few of tracks to officially remix. Most of them are all time D&B classics. I’m eager to hear what people think of them! It’s obviously a lot of pressure remixing classics; Like, most people don’t want to hear classics remixed but I don’t think I’ve done too bad of a job!
I have also remixed a track for DJ Randall’s mac2recordings, Trex feat Doc Brown – Hellfire Traumatize remix will be out this summer, so look out for that! There’s also a Remix of Dominators ‘’Purge’’ God rest his soul, that’s hopefully going to see a release in the near future. And I’m sure you’re aware of the Gas Dem remix and who’s remixed it? Well I have remixed one of their tunes but I’ll just leave you guessing on that… 

Oh my, I can’t wait to find out!

Interesting question, do you prefer, producing your own tunes or performing live sets?
I love both equally now, I used to have a weird attitude towards it, like I didn’t really care about playing out. But now having seen the reactions my tunes get in a rave, there really isn’t a better feeling than watching people screaming at your tunes – But then again you can’t beat sitting at the computer being creative and making a banger.

Has playing and hearing your tunes on big systems/rigs changed the way you produce at all?
Not really, it’s just confirmed that my tunes are sonically pleasing on a big system, which I never thought they would be!

What plans do you have for the rest of 2019? 
Festival season is fast approaching Elli!

Hahaha darn it! Thought I was going to squeeze some info out of you then!

Finally, as always, tell me a random fact?
I’m not actually human 😮

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Stereo Yout Part II, will be available for purchase on all Online Music Stores and Streaming Series from Friday, 10th May.

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