Crissy Criss returns once again for his second release of the month with a brand new dancefloor drum & bass heater, in collaboration with the genre-defying duo and previous collaborators – WiDE AWAKE.

Now five incredible tracks deep into his new label venture ‘War On Silence’ Crissy’s direction seems to be clearer than ever, it feels like he has further cemented who he is an artist with a distinct sound and a vibe that is undeniably his.

Looking into the Drum & Bass Mix of ‘Real’…

The track opens with a beautiful filtered drum break over a plucky synth line and sharp atmospheric chords that make you feel something from early on, giving us a small taste of what is to come. This drops out to a mellow guitar riff and some classic dancefloor vocals that are current and fresh but comfortingly reminiscent of the 2000s and Crissy’s own origins in the scene.

After the vocal introduction the track begins to lead to a more obvious place, the vocal begins to hook and the beat kicks up as we get out first taste of the tracks main synth riff under some heavy reverberation. The bassline is teased in before the low end is cut away to and an extended snare roll as the track rises and takes you away.

The track explodes into the drop giving us what we’ve been begging for, that lead synth riff comes pounding in, with the drums now in full force grooving out the track with its deep rolling bassline and stomach-churning sub. The track only progresses from here, bringing the vocal back in for the second 16 bars of the drop before climbing once again to double back into the now instantly recognizable synth line.

A tune that hooks you in from the second you hit play to the final beat, expect to hear this played out at everything from your local dirty club night to your favorite summer festival. Stay tuned for a lot more from Crissy Criss forthcoming on ‘War On Silence’ this year.

If 174 is too fast for you, also check out the original ‘Real’ with a captivating half-time drop but with the same gorgeous synth and vocals as the all-out drum & bass mix. You can listen to both versions down below on Spotify!

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