Returning to BRØKEN once again, with a brand new EP, is Daze Prism.

Daze Prism definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to production. Having already caught the eye of Red Bull at the end of last year, to be mentioned in the “Best Upcoming Breakbeat Artists 2018”. Red Bull did warn of an EP coming out on BRØKEN and here it is!

Daze Prism presents us with his ‘Why’ EP. The EP holds 4 great tracks. Two original tracks from Daze himself, Why and Dusk. Followed by two remixes of the EP-titled track, Why – from the great names: Mike D-Fekt and CLB.

Jumping straight in with the review, kicking us off is the title track Why. If you haven’t heard of Daze Prism before, this track alone will describe to you why he was named one of ten best upcoming break-beat producers. With the introduction of the track building up, you’re soon drawn in by a seductive female vocal. The female vocal carries you across the drop as you plummet into a range of smoking beats and grizzling bass.

With the next track being Dusk, we’re on a contrast. With the introduction beginning on a space voyage, you are definitely on an adventure…. at least through the introduction! You’re soon dropped in to an aggressive and buzzing bass ‘blast’. During the bridge, it’s a smooth ride – but the second drop brings even more. Definitely a track to be checked out for your own ears.

The Remixes

Heading over to the remixes, we have Mike D-Fekt up first, with his remix of Why. With a slower, and more fluid feel to the introduction, don’t be fooled as the drop isn’t to be reckoned with! With the original showing an growling bass, Mike D-Fekt has switched things up with a more Bassline touch to the drop. The only way I can describe this master-piece is just WOB WOB WOB WOB!”.

Last up on the list is CLB, with again, another remix of Why. From introduction until end, you feel the presence of Bassline. Being drawn through the introduction, you are dropped in to a growling, but also chilled out dance-floor bass. As the vocals roll through the drop, it definitely makes it feel like a euphoric dance-floor hit. This track is definitely going to make some noise in the clubs.

Let us know over on our Facebook, what your favourite track and remix from this is EP is! We’ll love to hear your opinions and reviews too.

That’s enough said for the EP! It’s now your turn to check it out for yourself – Click here to purchase your copy over at Beatport or stream from Spotify below. 

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