Drumsound & Bassline Smith and Tantrum Desire tag team to drop “The Bomb” on us, and it literally goes off! Calling a track “The Bomb”, you know you can’t be playing around. And Drumsound & Bassline Smith along with Tantrum Desire do everything except play around for this track. You couldn’t expect any less from the head honcho’s of Technique with their leading artists of the label.

Straight away, as soon as you hit play – the clock is ticking, the timer is going. You’ve just initiated the time bomb! With the tempo rising, your heart beats faster. And before you know it, “you’ve got a bomb”.

The track explodes with a full-on militant jaw-flipping kick and snare. With a grotty bounce, you’re left to just explode yourself. If you some how managed to survive the first drop, I wish you good luck with the second! I challenge you to check out the track yourself, to see how far you get.

Seeing how big this tune has gone off, we’re surprised to see that there hasn’t been many Drumsound & Bassline Smith and Tantrum Desire collaborations previous to this one. I pray that there are more in the future! Specially as they’ve just announced their Technique International Sound live team-up.

But enough has been said. Grab your copy of the track by clicking here, or have a cheeky listen down below! Let us know what you think of the banger of a track.

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