This year, we’re proud to see a vast number of label anniversaries. From the likes of Shogun Audio & Viper Recordings hitting 15 years, to the likes of Fokuz, John B’s Beta Recordings and of course Technique Recordings who are commemorating 20 years within the scene! 

Technique are kicking off their celebrations nice and early, compiling a massive album featuring plenty of all new exclusives. So far, we’ve already heard Glitch City’s impressive remix of Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s Skumbag, and the newest sampler to drop this year is RAM heavyweights, DC Breaks’ remix of Tantrum Desire’s BIG tune “Airhead.” 

Last year we saw Tantrum Desire take on remix duties for DC Breaks with urban-inspired single “Underground”. They gave the track a more dancefloor edge, with his unique signature sound. But this year the tables have turned! We now get to see DC Breaks taking the wheel, going in rough and tough on the remix. 

The intro of the track preserves familiarity from the original mix. Suddenly, you’re struck by a heavy sic broken beat, elevating anticipation of what is yet to come. DC Breaks then go in full force with a menacing bass riff on the 30 bar mark.

By now you know… Dan and Chris aren’t messing about. You’re then familiarised yet again by those precision-crafted stabs and synth-effects that made the original “Airhead” such a hit. The vocal clip ‘give it to me’ has been reworked into a robotic-like voice. Notifying you that this once minimal dancefloor arrangement has now been crafted into a violent neuro monstrosity.

DC Breaks then go on an all-out assault accompanied with rock-solid snares and heavy mechanical stabs of bass which will undoubtedly cause some carnage amongst dance floors worldwide with its relentless energy! 

Overall, this remix goes to show just how diverse and talented DC Breaks really are; once again exploring the world of Neuro and proving to us that they still retain their grittier style of production that snaps its jaws at every break.

Shout out to Technique Recordings! They have come a long way achieving great success and we look forward to hearing what’s still to come from the 20 years project. No doubt there are some more big tunes on the way. 

DC Breaks Remix is out now exclusively to Beatport. Click here to grab your copy!

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