What a heavy weekend it has been! Complete thanks to Dirty Dike and his brand new album being stuck on repeat for me!

Dirty Dike returns with another highly creatively named album. With previous names of ‘Sucking on Prawns in the Moonlight’ and ‘The Sloshpot’, we’re now presented with Acrylic Snail. And what an early Christmas present it truly is!

With 14 heavy weighted tracks all full High Focus top-level lyrical madness, Dirty Dike truly unleashes himself with this album. On top of all that – This album holds an almighty feature list. With features from Jam Baxter, Rag’n’Bone Man, Leaf Dog, Eva Lazarus, J. Man, Lee Scott, Ronnie Bash, Inja, Killa P & Foreign Beggars. It’s like Hip Hops very own Avengers!

Being a 14 track dropper, with just pure fire, it would be too long to write a full review. So I’m going to have to just provide my Top 3 tracks.

Top 3

Kicking my Top 3 off, we have to jump straight to the bottom of the track list with ‘Rex 01‘. Without even hearing the track, seeing features of Inja (the D&B Award winning MC/Vocalist), Killa P & Foreign Beggars – I already know this track is going to go off! With a fast beat, a bit of bass – This isn’t what you’d expect from Dirty Dike. But this track kills it. The beat, the flows, the people – You won’t be disappointed, trust me.

Slowing things down, next up with have ‘Still the Same James‘.This is more of a deep track for Dirty Dike. With a more of a relaxed beat, Dirty Dike spits over it explaining his life currently. The flow and lyrics hit heavy, this is definitely one to listen to when you’re in a mellow mood.

The final track on my Top 3 shall be, ‘Ouch‘, featuring Jman, Lee Scott & Ronnie Bosh. This track is definitely a different one to like for myself, but the beat, the vocal sample and just the flow from these legends just makes it become a favourite. It’s also amazing to see Blah Records, Lee Scott jumping on a High Focus album too! It works so well.

Regardless of the Top 3, every track on this album just bangs! If you’re a UK Hip Hop fan, I can guarantee that this entire album will get your head bobbing. So, grab yourself a copy of this album by clicking here or stream it straight from Spotify below.

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