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Last month – DJ Bentley – a 19 year old from Worcestershire UK, released his debut EP on the newly founded label Oscity. Compiling of four tracks; Bereaved, Dear Brother, Death Chant and Thinking About It, this Neuro inspired EP is definitely not a force to be reckoned with.

Bentley is a young producer, before he began to produce, he used to mix and was playing regularly since the age of 16. Of course, like many DJs, they need to learn to produce. Encouraged by a few friends, Bentley began to indulge himself within the production side of things.

Sadly, a short while after, his eldest brother Alex sadly passed away. Bentley profoundly got himself stuck in with production, as a coping mechanism to deal with his grief. It was a way he could truly express how he felt, and helped him through the grieving process of his brother.

“I started the Bereavement EP shortly after my Brother died. Alex was always a big fan of DnB, especially the more technical side of it.  So this EP is dedicated to him. The tracks in the EP each represent something different and relate to how I felt at the time. I went through a range of emotions. From shock, numbness and anger, to bouts of depression. So when I got the all clear from Oscity, I really pushed it be brought out on the 21st December 2018, which is 3 years to that day we lost Alex. It was a little gift from me to honour him”.

This EP brings us a range of variant sounds and styles, which really takes us on a journey throughout the EP.

Introducing us to the EP is the first track “Bereaved”. Bereaved begins with a menacing and dark sounding atmosphere. With a courageous build up, this track drops into a wob of heavy drums and glitch-y percussive fills. As the track progresses, you feel like you’re on a dark voyage, which fits it’s name as ‘Bereaved’.

The second track, “Dear Brother”, begins which a much more vibrant, melodic and somewhat enchanting feel to it. But don’t be so off-guard, this track soon takes a chaotic turn when Bentley decides to include some tech-y drums throughout. With a slight vocal sample whispering over the track, this definitely has a weird feel to it. It’s a catch!

Heading towards the end of the EP, but still one more track to go. We next get to hear my personal favourite ‘Death Chant’. With it’s punchy snare, thunderous, twisting drums and growling bass, this track definitely lifted my heart rate with it’s weightiness. To get a full feel for this track, you’ll have to listen to it yourself!

The final track on this EP is, ‘Think About It’. With a strong atmospheric intro, a smooth vocal leading into snappy, gritty drums and a bellowing bass line, again this track is very nicely compiled. With a personal love of a cheeky half-time drop, I was elated to hear some half-time being laid down mid track.

For 19 years of age, I am extremely impressed with Bentley’s production style. His knowledge, composition, creativity and honesty are wise beyond his years. I’ve got a feeling that 2019 is just the beginning of what can be a very promising career ahead!

You can stream the EP on Spotify, but, if you’d like to help the cause. As a dedication to Bentley’s brother, 50% of profits made from this EP,  will be donated to the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation in memory of Alex.

You can purchase a copy from iTunes, Juno or Beatport.

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