Viper’s funky fusion maestros are back once again, brining an all new spin on their unique signature style as well as a sly VIP update of their 2017 BMotion collab.

C’Mon Feet

C’Mon Feet opens with laid back electric keys, ever widening pads and some gentle hi-hats painting a picture of waiting for the elevator at a particularly vibey hotel lobby. A cheeky reversed break introduces the kick & snare and starts building tension for the journey ahead. The pads start to duck out and the drums become more frantic as we approach the drop where everything flips. We’re greeted with deep horn stabs, wild pitched reese’s, an array of off-kilter synths & fx and some familiar chopped samples from the intro for good measure. Shuffly breaks run throughout and despite the eclectic sound selection Dossa & Locuzzed blend this rag tag band of textures together expertly.

Using space to great effect along with an incredibly broad soundscape that still feels intrinsically connected, this tune is packed with the unique style we’ve come to expect from these mighty Viper up-and-comers.

Love Blind VIP
Starting out in much the same way as the original, with the welcome return of that hypnotic echoing guitar riff and catchy vocal combo, initially you could be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to the original. A heavily processed cut of the “Love Boy” lyric announces that things aren’t quite what they seem as the rising breaks quickly start winding their way up. Just like it’s older brother the track drops into the same thick distorted bass and rapid hi-hats punctuated with funky guitars and synths. However where the original bass climbs mid phrase relieving some tension and giving a slightly lighter tone, the VIP digs deeper and drops lower for a darker vibe. It’s a subtle change but it’s very effective and is sure to keep the more observant fans on their toes.

This release further cements Dossa & Locuzzed’s signature style and emphasises their love for off-beat sound pairings. We’re likely to see another big year from these guys, with lots more off the wall dancefloor skankers, check these two out now!

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