2017 was a big year for drum & bass heavyweight trio Drumsound & Bassline Smith with the release of their Wardance LP, but 2018 has proved to be even bigger.

Having started the year off with the Kilimanjaro EP, including “Jungle All The Way” which proved popular on dancefloors worldwide, they now bring us the Booyaka EP. This is another strong 4 track release filled with their classic sound and some new twists.

The title track “Booyaka” gets things going on a heavy path straight from the off, with a build-up full of suspense rapidly leading to the meaty drop. The searing bassline would sound unstoppable through a club system (and might result in shoes being thrown). This is a taste of things to come for the rest of the EP.

The calm intro to “Unity” brings us into a wobbly drop, while the vocal reflects the ethos of the drum & bass community. A tidy number to even out the filth from the other three tracks.

Straight from the Underground” leaves no prisoners. The mystic opening soon cuts out to a rising storm with the repeating ‘underground’ vocal adding an extra fierce edge. The drop then hits; it pierces and pulsates right through you and then builds right back up and does it all over again. This is a tune sure to be played out in clubs for months.

Mash It Up” doesn’t hold back either – straight from the intro you know what you’re in for. This is about as nasty as a tune can get, the drop is a frenzy of mean sounds interspersed with clean breakbeats that leaves you craving the next drop.

It’s great to see the Derby-based trio still releasing quality tunes alongside their global tour schedule, and with amazing cover artwork to top it all off. Hats off to Drumsound & Bassline Smith.

Click here to grab yourself a copy, or stream below from Spotify:

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