One of the jewels in the crown of Hospital Records, S.P.Y has a formidable output of top-notch music. Dubplate Style LP marks the latest instalment of his eponymous series of events and releases. This project has seen S.P.Y breathe fresh life in to oldschool sounds, leading a resurgence in nostalgia-fuelled productions. Two AA side standalone singles, specially curated line-ups at raves across the world, and now an LP. S.P.Y isn’t just paying homage to the sounds of the old guard; he is making them his own.

Spanning 15 tracks and incorporating influences from jungle to proto-UKG, from hardcore to DnB, S.P.Y has truly outdone himself. The near five-year wait since his last LP has definitely been worth it! Read on to find out about our top picks from the album…

Billy No Mates

Clocking in at 170bpm, this piece of modern jungle is sure to do bits in the dance. Dubbed out ragga vocals coupled with shuffling breaks and oldschool reeses create an addictive dark, funky vibe. The intro and the midsection are characterised by an off-kilter analogue arpeggio against a shimmering atmospheric background. Somehow euphoric and melancholic at the same time, S.P.Y has really hit the mark with this one!


Real oldschool hardcore vibes come through with this one. Pitched jazzy piano samples, choppy breaks, and snippets of soulful vocal samples at 150bpm push the nostalgia vibes through the roof. Back and forth sections between the piano and ridiculously fat 808s are set to shake subs the world over. Dusty, dark, and moody ambience from this tune would be the perfect soundtrack to any abandoned warehouse in the 90s. S.P.Y fully showcases how far his love for the past can go here.

Don’t You Leave Me

An instantly recognisable vocal sample (Skream anyone?) set against an offbeat hat, skippy kick, and choice sample selection makes the closing track stand out against the rest of the album by letting us know he means business when it comes to UKG. Descending wobbly analogue basses repeat throughout, fully hypnotising exposed to this when played out. The push and pull between the bass, some classy 808s, and the vocals make this track a real journey.

Landslide (feat. Inja)

Our final top pick features S.P.Y joining forces with one of DnBs most respected MCs. Even though the winner of Best MC and Best Vocalist at the DnB Arena Awards 2018 only contributes a couple phrases of lyrics, they are twisted to really drive the track forwards, Full speed, breaks heavy DnB, fuzzy bass, and clean drums make this tune meander through a wonderful sonic landscape.

I could go on, but you’d be better off checking out the LP yourself! There isn’t a single track on here which can’t be described as exceptional, and we’re sure you’ll pick your own favourites. You only have to wait until March 29 when you can cop yourself a copy of this phenomenal release…


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