This time we bring you Dutta’s new EP on Souped Up – Dominos. For those aren’t aware, Dutta is Manchester based artist, and somewhat a protege of fellow Mancunion (and BSSDRP’s favourite Bou). He specializes in a ‘dark rollers’ sound that has been popularized by the likes of KOTR, Benny L, and Limited. With previous releases on Diamond Audio and Liondub, two labels which have driven this sound, he now graces Souped Up.

Run by Serum and Benny V, Souped Up has only been around for about a year and a half. In this short time, they have become a defining label of modern DnB, issuing tracks by Serum, Serial Killaz, Bou, and many other talented producers, and is sure to be setting the scene alight for the foreseeable future.

The Review

The reason why Souped Up has this reputation is evident right from the start of this EP. The opening track, Dominos, begins with a syncopated snare with rolling percussion underneath. This drops out to leave a soft bassline and eerie metallic riff, as the drums gradually return before the drop. As the drop develops, the riff continues whilst some destructive basses are repeated and layered with each other. Continued variation and some tactful pauses let the track breathe, before the drop cuts away to repeat the intro. After this, the rolling goodness continues…

One Round, featuring T>I, starts with a low-passed steppy drum loop placed over ominous jungle animal whistles. A quick filter sweep and mangled foghorn sample later, and the drop comes roaring in. A short foghorn-style bass appears intermittently throughout the drop, placed over a deep, minimal bassline and tight, punchy drums. Risers (which have also been sampled and reversed) give the track an admirable amount of depth, showcasing the producers’ attentiveness. A short respite is given by the return of the jungle background and low passed drum loop, before the second drop returns ready to shake dance floors to their very foundations.

Dutta commences the final track, Cookie Monster, with a ‘Blue Train’-sampling introduction, placed over syncopated jungle-inspired drums. The main bassline is brought in underneath, with the mid bass becoming more prominent as a filter opens. Steppy roller drums, a sampled break layer, and stacked basses produce a melee of sound that will certainly turn heads in the dance. A return of the ‘Blue Train’ sample segues into a short rest section, before the second drop picks up.

Overall, this EP showcases exceptionally produced tracks that are the very definition of what a ‘dark roller’ is – even if this Jump Up and Jungle-tinged style of DnB hasn’t been given an official name, it definitely has a sound which Dutta captures perfectly.

You can stream this EP on Spotify below, or click here or here to purchase your copy:

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