Austrian heavyweights, Fourward, return to Eatbrain for the second time in full force with their new “Torn Place EP”. Supported by a team of Eatbrain legends including Jade, Redpill & L 33, this EP is guaranteed to rain down in fury while simultaneously ripping the ground from beneath all ravers’ feet. This time they’re taking no prisoners, illustrating to Neurofunk dance floors the Torn Place they had in mind.

Title track “Torn Place” begins the journey with some ominous plucks accompanied by a dark voice narrating the scene of the EP for a drop which is exactly as brutal as you would expect. Pulsating synths relentlessly attempting to burst from the mix deliver wave upon wave of energy, until you’re not quite sure which way is up or down.

Next, Jade makes an appearance for the track “Make Some”, featuring some of the tightest drums around. This collab carries the EP down to a deeper vibe, littered with stabs and jabs to keep you on the balls of your feet. Once you’ve entered a drop, the only rest you’re granted is the occasional higher note to give you just an instant to breathe before the unforgiving pummeling continues.

Prepare to be chomped up by the face of Eatbrain if you have the bravery to proceed to the collusion with Redpill, “Digest”. Searing reece’s sweep you off your feet as you’re dragged into the mouth by the unstoppable force of the Fourward x Redpill combination. A snare hard as nails makes you feeling as if you’re locked in the vicious cycle of digestion, being churned over and over until you’re nothing more than a mushy mess shaped, bruised and battered by the basses of Eatbrain.

Finally, Fourward close the EP alongside the ferocious tones of L 33 with “Elbow”. Rigorous throbbing bass underlies the track accompanied by insane and seemingly untameable high-end thrusts, piercing through the mix. A switch in clobbering percussion in the second drop spins out anyone unfamiliar with the likes of Neurofunk in an instant, but even the most Neuro-loving ravers are in for a walloping.

Stream below to experience the wrath for yourself.

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