Hailing all the way from Italy, Frame joins Locked Concept to give us LCKD018, and what a journey it is!

Frame began his journey learning to DJ on vinyl. Having a major interest in bass music, he began to study the art of production – with guidance from Italian producer, Luca Fonzo. Since then, he has released on multiple labels – before now releasing two diverse tracks on to Locked Concept.

Kicking off this two track beauty, is the first, called Ehiua. With a very ambient and experimental introduction, the track sounds as if it’s been influenced by Bop with his Untitled Patterns series he did last year. With smooth rolling wave over the bassline, and bursts of harmonic and a ray of elements. This track has a soulful and relaxed feel around it. Making it a stunning release.

Moving on to it’s contrast, we have the next and final track called The Music. As the hi-hat ticks, the tempo has definitely increased since the last track. As a few soulful vocals roll over the top, you’re brought in towards the drop. The drop unleashes what feels as an old school jungle feel, with a modern twist to it.

Grab your copy of this amazing release from FRAME by clicking here to head over to the bandcamp page.  

Streaming via other services will be available soon for this track. 

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