Mike Hayden, who’s more commonly known as Freek, is definitely no stranger when it comes to RAM or sister label ProgRAM. With a history of releases on both the labels, dating back to 2015. Freek now makes a re-appearance, giving us ProgRAMs 76th release.Β 

We are honoured to exclusively premiere and introduce you to Freek’s second track on the release. With a liquid feel, and stunning vocals from Chris Cotton – we present to you… Lately!

From the start of the track, we’re soothed by its liquid vibes. With a calming melody, and beautiful piano chords – we’re lead in to a world of euphoria. With the layers adding up, and the vocals from Chris Cotton joining the track, we’re deep in to the heart of the track. Whether you’re enjoying the sun, or just trying to chill out, this track has your back.

I have an absolute love of piano based music and I’m hoping that shows through with Lately. Hugely focused on the piano and vocal combination, I hope this track will give people an insight into my more musical side. -Freek

Both Lately, and Therapy will be getting the full release tomorrow. Marking an amazing start to March, specially for Freek!

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