“Fast-rising bass producer Greed. strikes again on BRØKEN with “Flexin EP”… and muscle-bound it is.”

New to the scene, upcoming producer Greed., knows exactly what he is doing in the lab. With this new EP which released yesterday on BRØKEN, he shows us just that. With 3 jaw-punching tracks. Venturing from the depths of Bassline, Garage and also some break. Lets indulge ourselves in to the review.

The title track, “Flexin“, unleashes the EP with its heavy kick and soul-house vibes. As we fall in to the drop we literally face-plant against the subs as the vibrations of the bass just tingle with our senses. With a heavy bassline beat to it, this is definitely a track to open up an EP with!

The second track, “Delirious“, is a garage-bassline hybrid. Delirious holds a very unique production structure along with unique sounds, which work very well hand-in-hand. Overall, this track just has to be my favourite from the EP. I’m excited to see how this track will go down in the clubs.

The final track greets us already, and that is “Think About“. As we enter the track, we can already tell it follows ‘breaks’, with the stuttering of the beat and a swamped-out bass. As we get closer, and eventually enter the drop – we are hit with a barrage of sounds, which just graces the eardrums.

I’d strongly recommend taking a listen to this EP, and letting us know what you think of it! Greed. is definitely one to watch, I personally cannot wait to hear his future releases.

Click here to purchase your copy of this EP, or stream it on Spotify below! <3 

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