Lifestyle Music love showcasing upcoming people, especially those who are breaking in to the scene and will make a mark. And that’s definitely the case for Halflow, whose got Lifestyle’s latest release!

Hailing from the same town as Mefjus, there must be something in the water as this Austrian born producer also knows how to make a banging track or two! Halflow is known to be a master of mid-range and bass techniques. And, of course, those techniques are on full display for this release!Β 

For the people who love Neuro, this is an extra special release for you!

Kicking this release of is Relentless Funk, and trust me, Relentless is the right word for this track. As the introduction plays on, it’s definitely a long one. But it’s a gradual increase building to the tension in the atmosphere. The drop swipes us off our feet with it’s simplistic but powerful filtered bassline and with a weighted sub – untouchable. It’s a track of Relentless FUNK.

Rolling on to the next one, we meet a previous Lifestyle Music releaser Screamarts, joining up with Halflow for Space Gang. From the start we get a darker sensation, with a slight cinematic feel to it. With the scene being set in the introduction, you’re plummeting in to a bouncier Neuro stepper. A range of Sci-Fi sounds, kicks, tricks and flips assist this track in making sure anybody would move on the dancefloor. Space Gang is sure to cause carnage wherever it’s let off.

Halflow is definitely a one to watch out for, no doubt he will rise up in the scene real soon!Β 

Relentless Funk and Space Gang is OUT NOW! Click here to grab your copy, or stream it from below.

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