Hospitality headed to Printworks on Saturday for their debut headline show at the iconic London venue. A sold-out all-day party with 6,000 ravers from all generations was bound to be big, but Saturday was beyond that. The Hospital Records events brand run nights all over the world, so when they come to a venue as big as this they push the boundaries even further.

One of the highlights was Unglued smashing it in room 2 with his jungle set, then raising the bar even higher for a massive set on the main stage an hour later. He threw down some absolutely outrageous dubs, including his forthcoming collab with Phace which is simply jaw-dropping. This one will be heard a lot this year! The man behind last year’s brilliant remix of High Contrast’s ‘If We Ever’ is certainly one to watch.

Hospital boss man London Elektricity brought us one of his signature sets filled with his infectious energy and encyclopaedic tune selection. Having wordsmith Degs on the mic complements his style so well, they certainly got the gigantic Printworks main room vibing hard! Look out for new music from London Elek this year.

Certified legend Nicky Blackmarket was another favourite for Run In The Jungle in room 2, taking us right through the jungle classics and throwing in loads of surprises as he always does. And in classic Nicky style he was beaming throughout the entire set. D*Minds also tore it up in “The Dark Room” with an eclectic mix of jungle and jump up that got people skanking hard. Another highlight was DJ Dazee bringing the old school vibes mixed in with brand new rollers. Her own tune ‘Damn Right’ got a huge reaction from the crowd and a well-deserved rewind. Check out our recent interview with her!

The return of the High Contrast Live Band was a huge hit with the crowd – the energy and vibes were next level. It was a real spectacle to hear his classics like ‘Racing Green’, ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ and ‘If We Ever’ as well as recent favourites like ‘God Only Knows’ played out live in Printworks’ Press Halls. The live rendition of his Jungle Remix of Shotgun Mouthwash (which was commissioned for the film Trainspotting 2) got the crowd going wild.

The grand finale of the night was guest headliners Camo & Krooked. The Austrian duo always deliver, but wow. What they did to Printworks on Saturday night was simply incredible. At times I’m not even sure if it was legal. Their intro of ‘All Night’ doubled with ‘Ember’ was mesmerising with the Printworks lightshow, but it wasn’t long until things took a darker turn. Soon the dubs appeared, including what we suspect to be their recent collab with Noisia (heavy!). Then came Shyun’s bootleg of Bou’s ‘Poison’ which is a monster tune. Nu:Tone’s ‘System’ built up with their own stomper ‘Cryptkeeper’ then Pendulum’s ‘Vault’ hitting hard 16 bars after the initial drop was one of those moments of sheer disbelief. “Did they really just do that? What? Is that even allowed?” *insert expletives* I couldn’t believe it.

It’s hard to find another duo who are so in-sync with each other – they are the perfect example of how a duo should mix together, properly working as one and not as two separate DJs. It allows them to pull off some of the most unique blends and quadruple drops you’ll hear anywhere. Their set was flawless mixing, incredible tune selection and wicked vibes – one of the best sets I’ve ever seen. It certainly cements their place as one of the most highly regarded duos in drum & bass.

The mega vibes always present at a Hospitality rave combined with the outstanding lighting and sound at Printworks was a mind-blowing experience, then throw in a load of world-class DJs and some of your best mates and you’ve got the perfect rave.

Don’t miss Hospitality’s next headline event in London – the Hospitality BBQ at Studio 338 on Saturday 4th May – and raves in Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham and Bristol coming up. Not forgetting Kings Of The Rollers presenting Royal Rumble on Friday 19th April also at Studio 338.

Photo: Sam Wright Media

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