In April earlier this year, boundary breaking drum and bass pioneer Mefjus released his second album “Manifest” on Noisia’s Vision Recordings. Considered by many to be one of the best drum and bass albums of all time, we are now fast approaching the inevitable remix album which is being gradually released as multiple singles.

Having already heard a groovy Camo & Krooked twist on “Pivot” alongside a deep & dark Skeptical remix of “Sinkhole” at the beginning of this month, the bar has been set as high as expected for the rest of the album. Today marks the release of two very contrasting remixes of “If I Could”, recognised as one of the most delicately crafted tracks on Manifest.

As we anticipated, legendary duo Loadstar have delivered a savage alternative. With a mellow guitar accompanying the vocals in the intro, you are then plunged into a world of their gritty fizzing reece’s, sweeping around the stems of the original. The second drop switches the patterns up, much like the original, giving the tune a new energy as the drums carry you out.

Lesser known Austrian producer, REBRTH, has translated the brutal swings of “If I Could” into his own 57-bpm trap-influenced track. You are taken on a journey guided by plucky ups and downs and weighty basses. Much resembling the style of the only other track available from REBRTH – “Elevated” – the high-quality production leads us to believe that this artist could have a big future!

Here’s what we know the album has in store for us thus far:
If I Could (Loadstar Remix), If I Could (REBRTH Remix), Physically (Funtcase Remix), Ringshifter (Culprate Remix), Sinkhole (Skeptical Remix), Together (Signal Remix), Pivot (Camo & Krooked Remix), Pivot (Annix Remix), Uneasy (Break Remix), Sizzle Fizzle (Circuits Rewire) and Muskox (Fourward Remix)

Having heard many of these remixes live, I cannot wait for the full release! Listen to the two latest installments below!

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