With Viper Recordings heading towards their 15th Year Anniversary, they’ve got another exclusively signed DJ and Producer on their hands! Making his way back in to production after a few years is Jack Mirror.

Jack Mirror is now the latest signing to Viper, and he’s done it with just one demo! Futurebound knew after one listen that Jack Mirror would be a great bonus to the already HEAVY Roster.

So, as Jack Mirror releases his debut single for Viper Recordings, let’s find out a little more about him, along with his past, present and future!

Why the name Jack Mirror?
Jack Mirror came from my interest in dystopian television and film. I wanted to use my middle name ‘Jack’ with a slightly strange surname and was playing round with loads of different option, I was watching through a series of Black Mirror at the time and ended up splicing them together.

Half you, half Black Mirror!
Definitely, and I feel as if it fits in with the style of music I’m making.

You’ve appeared on Viper before with ‘Assimilate’ but this is your first release actually exclusively signed to them – How did the signing come about?
Basically, my first encounter with Brendan (Futurebound) was around 3 or 4 years ago, I was DJing under my previous alias at a show for Liquicity. Before the event, all the artists went out for dinner – and I ended up sitting opposite Brendan. I was talking to him a lot about Music, so after the show, I spoke to him again and he told me to send over some music. So I did, but listening back to what I sent him now – I really can’t believe I sent it, it was so bad!

Politely, he responded back saying “That’s not quite what we’re after, just go away and work on your production for a little bit and come back with some new music”. I ended up going away for quite a long time, working really hard on my production because I didn’t want to send them anything and have the same thing happen again. I sent him a batch of tunes, which included these two tunes coming out now, assimilate and one other. He emailed me back straight away saying “Yes, these sound great, you’ve got my attention!”. They signed the assimilate track for the compilation, which I was really happy with. Then they said they wanted the other tracks as a single and they then offered me a contract – which completely took me by surprise. That was just before Christmas, and I signed in early January so it’s moved pretty quickly.

Did you ever release the track you originally sent Brendan and the Viper team?
No, haha. I’m still sitting on it. I’ve reproduced it from scratch, but I’m still sitting on it. I played it at a few shows, and people were asking about it, but I’m not really feeling it to get released right now. I did the first version 4-5 years ago, so I’m a bit sick of it, and it’s had numerous different vocals, maybe in the future – but for now It’s just gathering dust on my hard drive.

So speaking of Viper, you have two new beautiful tracks which just released.
Thank you!

Taking a listen to the intro track, ‘Utopia’ – It’s very cinematic, very atmospherical, and of course – has beautiful drums. What influenced you, and gave you the ‘vibe’ to write and to design the track the way you did?

In its original inception ‘Utopia’ was a quite a minimal dark liquid tune which I never quite finished. When I came round to re-making it in the style that it is now I actually took inspiration from a piece of art, where a group of people were shown in a derelict environment but looked happy because they were glued to their phones. I tried to imagine what the soundscape of that image would be and ended up with ‘Utopia’.

With the second track, ‘Reset’, as well as being atmospheric – it definitely has a mysterious feel to it. Was this intended?
Yes, absolutely! It was a conscious effort to place them both in the same kind of soundscape with similar instrumentation, but the musicality itself brings out a very different feeling.

Not only that, but again with the incredible designs – What thoughts were going through your head whilst you were creating this track?
I wanted to do something a bit weird. I had the bass sound which I put an arpeggiator on, I accidentally put the triplet setting on it which gave it a less conventional rhythm, which I ended up sticking with. Bit of a happy accident that one!

You’ve mentioned you used to release under another alias, with releases on both Liquicity and Monstercat. Who were you?
All I can say is, if you know then you know!

Could you say why you decided to go for an alias change?
I was working in Music PR full time, and I was at a bit of a stale point with the music I was making. I wasn’t getting anything finished and I wasn’t happy with my production ability at the time so I thought I needed to make a change. To start from scratch. This is my first real release, apart from Assimilate, for a good couple of years. I burrowed myself away and just wrote the music without worrying if it’d fit on this label or that label. I just wrote what I was interested in, and it just so happened to fit in nicely with the Viper roster.

You’ve recently mentioned how you ‘USED’ to produce a more liquid-y style of music, like you did for Liquicity & Monstercat but would you want to do that again?
Obviously I’m signed with Viper exclusively now, and I’m very happy the way things are moving forward. I don’t think the stuff I do now is too far off of it the Liquicity releases, it still has melody as a focal point, it’s just a bit more industrial and gritty sounding.

So, Jack Mirror. With your first release soon out, what’s next?
Onto the next single! It’s already well under way and the label are enthusiastic with how its sounding so far, so am eager to get out there!

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