From being a rare member of the animal kingdom, to producing some naughty bangers.

Pelikann has been lurking around in the scene, for as long as I can remember. With fat tracks in the past such as Thumpier and Jupiter. To more recent tracks being released on UKF. After seeing his name pop back up in the spotlight, I thought it’d be good to grab an interview. And to see what he’s been doing since I last saw him perform 2 years ago!

So without further waiting, lets dive in to…

The Interview

Who’s the man behind Pelikann, introduce yourself…
Hi! My real name is Jack, living in a town called kidderminster in the west midlands, and have been making bass music for quite a few years now, but have recently started taking it a bit more seriously rather than just messing about haha.

Let’s clear up something I’ve been wondering, how did the name “Pelikann” come about?
When I was younger there was a gallery in my hometown with a metal pelican in the window that used to scare the shit out of me. It then turned into a cafe called the peli deli which was great so though i would vibe off that! I made it weird spelling because i thought i was being super smart and when people searched it my work would be at the top of the search results, but unfortunately no one can spell it so that backfired a bit…

What influenced you to originally start DJing and Producing?
I’ve always loved music, playing violin from 3 years old then moving onto metal (which i still love), then one day my dad who is big into his electronic music bought the “I Love Dubstep” compilation CD and we both fell in love with the sounds. Was an avid listener until i begged my dad for some production stuff for my 18th birthday and carried on from there.

How would you describe your style of music to someone who hasn’t heard your sounds before?
I honestly struggle with this question so much and normally give the cop out “bit of everything” answer. I usually just term it as bass music as i like to make bits of bassline, dubstep, breaks and drum & bass but all in my own weird way. Basically anything that makes you screw your face up and go “ew wtf”

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
There’s been a few! I get very excited about a lot of things but a few of them have to be having my first tune on UKF, which i’ve loved since way back. Playing some mad festivals including the Sector 6 stage at boomtown with my Saucy gang, and getting to play my music abroad as well!

You’ve been at many events, and big nights. What’s been the best stage that you’ve performed on, and why?
Probably the main stage at lockdown. The saucy crew was asked to fill a slot due to an artist dropping out after AJ Tracey so the crowd was absolutely nuts and stuck around for the bass vibes!

I remember seeing you back in June 2016, at a small event in Luton called ‘Rub a Dub’. How have things progressed for you since then?
Oh wow that was a mad night! One of my favourites haha you guys are mental. Well since then I’ve been really working on my production and trying to improve as an artist as opposed to just throwing stuff together and seeing what happens. Although to be fair i still do that so I guess not much in that respect… I have joined Say No More management and MB Artists roster who are absolute legends and doing wonders for me at the moment!

I’ve taken a listen to “Green Ranger” featuring Mac Backwardz, out on the 28th. And I must say, I dig the tune! How did this feature with Mac Backwardz come about?
Thank you man! I’m really happy with this one. Me and Cam go way way back to when we were both at uni and mutual friend was running &? events so played together alot. Last summer i asked if he wanted to host my set at Solfest, and on the drive up he joked about doing a tune using the flute from Green Ranger and it finally came about! He put the bars together amazingly as well he’s a seriously talented dude!

How did you feel to find out the track was being add to the UKF Bass Culture 4th edition?
Over the moon haha, I have the first three CDs at home so this is seriously a tick of the bucket list for me.

I’ve seen UKF give you a bit of support and love recently, from artists, to obviously this track dropping on their new album. Is there anything secretive going on behind the scenes, if you’re allowed to reveal?
For the first time in my career I can actually say that there is quite a bit going on behind the scenes at the moment! My next EP is in the works which is looking to be a collaborative project with some absolute dons. Some new remixes, free downloads and also going to be showcasing a new interview series soon! The first 3 episodes have already been filmed so keep an eye out for them.

What’s the future holding for Pelikann? – Is there any Albums or EPs in the works?
So the next EP is on the way, so will be teasing that in my sets over the next few months. After that it would be interesting to do and album spanning multiple genres as EPs can often get quite constricted to one genre. We’ll have to see.

Do you have any major aims for the future?
I would love to get over to the states at some point. I feel the more “bro” sound over there might actually work quite well with my sounds haha. Other than that would love to hit up some more cities I’ve still not been too, and get back over to europe a but more!

Who’d be your dream collab to produce a track with?
All the OG dubstep guys really, Skrillex, Flux Pavillion, Funtcase, Caspa, Rusko would all be a dream. And noisia of course.

How can people keep up to date with your latest tracks and news?
Give me a follow on these links and will be sure to relentlessly tease new bits that then won’t get released until 9 months later!


There you have it peeps! Further in-sight in to the work Pelikann has been putting in. With also his announcement of an EP in the works, as well as other little things. If you haven’t already, check out his track on UKF Bass Culture. But make sure you follow Pelikann’s socials. You’re not wanting to miss out on what he has to offer next…

If you are wanting to catch him live. He’ll be performing at In:Flux’s 5th Birthday, as a b2b with HADEAN. Click here to fly to the events page on Facebook.

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