InsideInfo is a name synonymous with high quality productions going beyond traditional subgenre boundaries. With an impressive back catalogue of original productions and remixes, as well as a diverse range of collaborations with artists such as Mefjus, Prolix, and Hybrid Minds, InsideInfo has firmly established himself as a heavyweight within DnB.

Late 2018 marked a new chapter for InsideInfo as he launched his eponymous label to unleash his productions on the world with unrestrained creative control. His new single Mirrored is the latest instalment in this project. The two funky, pulsating tracks are ready to cause damage on dancefloors across the world. Read on to find out more…

Brooding atmospheres and teasers of effects from later in the track mark the beginning of A side Mirrored. Stripped back cuts of highs from the main bassline are a sign of things to come as the kick drum slowly builds in intensity. InsideInfo’s signature gritty, techy basslines then pulse in a mesmerising call and response. A breakdown leads straight in to the second drop; no chance for a rest in this behemoth of a track! With 3 minutes of technical genius, this tune will take energy levels through the roof wherever it is played out.

The B side, Twofold, kicks off with an ambient metallic background with creative fast-moving percussion. If this didn’t already set the stage for a belter of a track, an oldschool neuro influenced bass sample and rolling kick signal something big is about to happen… A rhythmic back and forth between two tight bass patterns and steppy drums are the result. 16 bars of respite are given with a return to the intro section, but this doesn’t last long. Straight after, a stutter from the bassline starts the second drop, returning with the full force we expect from InsideInfo. Twofold is InsideInfo through and through; crisp, weighty, and dancefloor ready.

These two tracks fully showcase the continued evolution and technical prowess of InsideInfo. They are both a development of his established sound, and a sign of things to come… InsideInfo hits the mark once again – but let’s be honest, what else did we expect?

Mirrored is OUT NOW! Click here to grab a copy.

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