I was lucky enough to get an interview with the international DJ and producer, Bou. From his first well known tune, Poison, which I’ve heard every rave I’ve been to, he’s now teamed up with Souped Up Records and released the Habibi EP, Bou has been killing the drum and bass scene with his heavy rollers and talent for creating music the people love. Hes produced EPs and many collabs leaving everyone wanting more.

1. Where did the name Bou come from?
Bou actually came from my second name, Bouguenna, I just shortened it and thought it sounded good.

2. What started your love for drum and bass? Was there a specific artist or song?
I got into drum and bass from Pasco – The Trick, I fell in love with the vibe straight away. So I started producing my own music for fun.

3. So what do you prefer, producing your own tunes or preforming live sets?
Hmmm that’s tricky, I love both just as much as each other, there’s no better feeling than working on a track for ages and finally getting it to sound how I want, then actually getting to test it out to a live audience and seeing their reaction! They both go hand in hand.

4. Who has been your favourite MC to preform with?
Has to be MC Bassman.

5. Whats your dream collab?
Id love to do something with Noisa

6. Whats been your favourite venue to preform at?
Best venue I’ve played in has to be Antwerp mansion before it shut down, it wasn’t the biggest venue but had such a vibe I loved it.

7. What are you currently working on?
Just released the habibi ep on Serum’s Souped up records and now I’m working on a colab with Critical and a few tracks for Hospital Records. I’m also working on my own label Diamond Audio with a bunch of new school artists!

8. Finally, whats your advice for any upcoming producer/ DJ who wants to make a name in the scene?
My advice to any up and comers is to communicate with as many people as you can in the scene, and if you’re starting to produce don’t worry about perfecting that one tune, just keep banging them out, they will get better and better and you will be on your way.

You can get at Bou’s social medias in the links below, in my opinion, I think he’s an amazing artist who has smashed the drum and bass scene. He has just made number 1 download on Juno download with his Habibi EP which has 4 tracks, each brilliant in there own way.

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