From being a bit of a joker I heard about a few years back, to now headlining some major places such as Tank. Kryphon has definitely made his mark in the bass line scene and he is continuing to go forth! 

With the recent moves he has been making, I thought it would be a great time to catch up with him, and find out what’s going on and introduce him further, if that’s even needed! So lets get straight on with it…

1. Tell me about Kryphon?
So i come from Wednesbury (West Midlands) and I have been producing music now for roughly around 10 years, in the past, I have tried numerous genres but none have ever caught my eye like Bassline, there have been so many little Sub-Genres of it that it has created a refreshed sound, and for me to hear an old genre come back into play has never made me happier.

2. What 3 words would you use to describe the music you create?
Melodic, bass and different.

3. What encouraged you to start producing and DJing at the beginning?
Producing – I started producing back when I was in a band in high school, I would come home after school and input all my ideas into projects, eventually, that evolved into adding drums, bass, EFX, and vocals, and over time it just somehow became a full song.
That’s when I started playing with new genres and got hooked on it.

DJing – At first I never really did anything to do with DJing, only recently I have picked up on it, but that was only due to getting my first booking and realizing i cant turn down the opportunity, turns out I had 2 weeks to learn how to DJ and somehow had to pluck up the courage to play my music in front of people I’ve never met before!

4. Recently hearing about you headlining at ‘Tank’, one of the main homes of Club Bassline in the UK – How did you feel hearing that you’d be headlining at this venue?
I was blown away!
Tank has been on the bucket list since day 1, it was an amazing feeling seeing that notification on my phone about the booking, honestly never would have seen myself there, you hear people talk about Tank a lot saying that all their favorite artists have been there performing over the weekend, and for me to be playing there with these big artists was a huge motivation boost.
Also, thank you to the boys at WIRED EVENTS for making me feel so welcome.

5. Seeing that you have performed in many places, what has been the best venue so far where you have done a set at, and why?
It would have to be Tank, the atmosphere was just incredible, just seeing a room full of people going mental to your music if something else, and it was my first time meeting most of my followers and to actually physically meet them was a mad feeling, just people asking for photos was another level of madness.

6. What inspired the vibe behind your most recent track ‘I NEED U’?
I wanted to try and bring back the old-school 4X4 sound, you really don’t hear around much anymore, but I wanted to try and create it in an old school way, adding little clanging snares purposely not mixed in, Vocal shouts on the snares, little stab chords and most importantly a good old warping bass.

7. What’s currently going on for Kryphon?
I am trying to add in another EP at some point, but for now, it will stay as single releases (Free Download) and some bootlegs if I can help it…
but yeah I’m exploring with new sounds every day so that I can bring something new and different to the table.

8. Who would be your dream collab?
That would have to be Tennyson!

9. Advice you can give others trying to get into the DJ/Producing scene?
Just don’t force it, let it happen, when its time, its time.

10. Where can people find you?
Snapchat – Kryphon

There you guys have it, a little more information about Kryphon. Make sure you people check out his socials, and definitely go and see him live if you get the opportunity. It’s definitely worth it! – trust me.

Oh, and you can also catch his track Vampire, on Shake the Bass 2 – which the album dropped last Friday!

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