I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of Bedfordshire’s finest tech DJ and producer ODCEE to gain an insight into his career so far; projects he’s been working on and what keeps him going.

ODCEE has had more than a few high standard bookings under his belt and it looks as though he keeps going from strength to strength at each set. From hosting his own event ‘Project 101’ and ‘ODCEE & Friends’ to being behind the decks at Taste the Punch, I caught up with Wayne to get a better understanding of the guy I believe to be one of the most talented underdogs this county has to offer.

1. Why the name ODCEE and what inspired you to start DJ’ing?
The name ODCEE actually came about from my name in my d’n’b days; Odyssey. I just wanted to have a change and make it a little more unique. I’ve been into music since a young age, first memory of loving the sound of dance music would be playing in my room with my playmobil whilst my sister played the world dance cd with classics like Origin ‘Unknown Valley of the Shadows’ on it.

I’ve always wanted to surround myself within music since then and got my first set of decks in early 2000.

2. You sometimes talk about your d’n’b/jungle days. Who’s set have you seen live that’s completely blown you away?
It’s got to be a set from the sanctuary days in Milton Keynes; some of the Hype sets there have got to be some of my biggest inspirations to wanna be up on that stage performing.

3. Craziest night out?
Hmm most recent one has to be last years trip to Ibiza at Solid Grooves at Benimussa park after getting wristbands to hang with the crew on the stage. We were getting way too drunk on the Grey Goose and ended up getting chucked out for pissing in the vip bar area.

4. So from your social media I’ve seen that this is your second time visiting Ibiza for IMS. What’s the standard procedure soon as you step off that plane?
IMS is a great time of the year for getting out and networking with loads of industry people, I like to keep myself fresh for the days activities and who you might bump into.

4b. Apart from IMS are there any other networking events you’ve thought of heading to this/next year?
ADE is all booked up for October which I think is a must for any artist trying to break within the industry. Other then that it would be trips over to Solid Grooves for the Sunday’s at Vista Ibiza and any other events supporting labels or artists I associate with.

 5. I’ve seen a load of scenic photos of places in Ibiza; loads of mountains to trek and spots to indulge the horizon at. Have you managed to seek out your favourite place to quieten down on the bustling island?
This has to be Festival Club ibiza, it’s an old abandoned venue in the middle of the island, great place to go and get some press shots too.

6. Helpful advice for DJ’s looking to build their network?
I would have to say focus on being and all round artist within the industry it’s very hard and unlucky to breakthrough as just a DJ these days. Put a lot of energy into learning to produce; there’s a lot of help online to get you on the right path, then you’ve got a good chance of going far within the scene. Don’t go down the ghost-production route, seeing and hearing a lot of that atm and it’s not a good look if you ask me.

Also don’t forget the networking it’s a massive part, see a lot of artists missing out that part of it.

7. You’ve recently rebuilt your studio; where did all the knowledge come from (construction and technical)?
I’ve always been a very hands on person, I think anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. I’ve self taught myself on loads of things over the years, it’s become very natural to me. I’m really pleased with the studio refurb, was having a lot of sound treatment issues with the last and was a big decision to rip up the recently revamped studio again. After a lot of research into room treatments, what you should and shouldn’t do, I’ve rebuilt and think I have it spot on now.

8. Sometimes working on a track can become a little tiresome and it’s normal to get sucked into a black hole of stagnancy. What tricks work for you when it comes to putting the spark back into your work flow?
This is something I struggle with a lot myself, I have stacks of ideas never to be finished off into full arrangements, so I think the best thing to do is get into the arranging stage soon as you have a solid idea and just keep it rolling through from start to finish. For getting the spark and inspiration back I normally go back to the music where it all started for me listening to jungle/drum ‘n’ bass.

9. Ideal setting for dream gig and dream B2B?
My goals list definitely has to be playing on a Solid Grooves line-up, but it’s my dream to play DC-10.

10. What tune do you wish you had produced?
This is a hard one as there are so many good ones, but I’d say something from Daft Punk, under ‘Stardust Music Sounds Better With You’.

11. Now that the studio is up and running, what’s the first order of business?
Getting my head down in the studio over the summer for the lead up to ADE working on my sound and take of tech/minimal house. Hopefully to have a good start to 2019 with some good releases on labels I’ve got my sights set on.

Make sure you check out ODCEE on these socials!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/odceemusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/odceemusic

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