Returning for his second release of the year, JADE comes with a heavy hitting EP, releasing on his home label, EatBrain. The brand new EP is a 4 track collection. This EP brings us Drum & Bass infused tracks, along with a VIP and also a bit of Neuro. This EP will definitely get you jumping about, so make sure you’re all prepared.

Lets head straight in to the review…

With the first track on the EP being “TV Says”, it definitely sets the mood for the EP. With a melodic introduction, the beat begins to pick up, with the vocals kicking in, it only means one thing. The drop! With the “TV Says nothing to worry about”, we definitely have something to worry about. The full effect of the drop jumps in, smacking up with the grotty and bouncy sounds. With a little cool down, the 2nd drop gives us a full action packed sound again.

Next is, the VIP track, which we’ve all been waiting for, “Man Eating Lizard Dragon” DNB VIP. If you’ve heard the fan favourite original, you know it follows a heavy dark step beat coated with a dark aura around it. This DNB VIP, follows the same pattern we love, but with an increased BPM and more of those DNB Kicks, Hats and Snares we adore in any track.

Joining up with another veteran in the scene, Rido, we’re presented with “Express Train”. With the opening of the track beginning with vocals, putting the theme of the track. Before we’re then greeted by some cinematic effects, adding to the dynamic. We are then greeted by a very wob heavy drop. With the sounds which happen next, I am struggling to write what I hear. Both JADE and Rido have worked their true skill in to this track. The sounds and structure to this track is just truly unbelievable.

Bringing us to an end of the EP, but not without a bang we have “Spy Car”. Neuro fans, this one is for you! And it’s also for you to go straight to listening too. This track is another unbelievable creation, which you’d just need to listen to yourself.

With the EP Review complete, all that’s left is for you to take a listen to the EP. This release was definitely worth the wait from JADE. Take a listen below, but make sure to support JADE by clicking here to grab your copy.

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