Jam Baxter returns with his brand new album “Touching Scenes”. After being away for a while, he can easily be excused with his killer new album. A range of flows, a lyrical mastermind on the vocals and devilish production. High Focus fans won’t be disappointed with this album.

Dissecting the album, we have 16 tracks with features on the album from; Stinkin Slumrok, Rag’n’Bone Man, OG Rootz, Kate Tempest and Rhi. All known names within the scene which just impact this album so much.

With each track being major killers, it is almost impossible to dive in to all the merits of every track on the album. There are three tracks which stand out, although all are worth a listen – your own picks for the best might just be different!

The top three we chose are:

Unsubscribe (featuring Kate Tempest) : Something about this track just draws me in. With a classical old-school feel to the beat, and a poetry of words by Kate Tempest and Jam Baxter. It truly is a masterpiece of a track, which is well thought out. So much passion feels went in to creating this track, from the lyrical craftsmanship to the instrumentation. When you’re listening to this track, definitely pay attention to the words which are spoken.

Bodyslam : The flow, the beat and the atmosphere behind this track is completely High Focus. And that’s another word for amazing. Jam Baxter really went above-and-beyond with the bars on this one.

Know by Now (Featuring Stinkin Slumrok) : Opening this track is Stinkin Slumrok with a killer flow, passing over to Jam Baxter during the middle who ups the level. All before Stinkin Slumrok takes the mic back at the end to literally just go in! This track is just pure heavy.

We may have called my Top 3, but every track on this album is just insane! The features are just on-par too, increasing the madness of the tracks they’re on. Jam Baxter, welcome back!

Check out the Album below, and let us know what are your favourite tracks. I can’t wait to see what Baxter has installed for us next.

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