Dutch events brand Korsakov debut a compilation to end all compilations. Combining sub-genres from various drum and bass artists to present the hefty first release in their series, full to brim of uncompromised ‘full spectrum’ dnb. Fourteen tracks of murky bass-lines, relentless drops and high-octane energy. Under the release of their new label Korsakov Music, each track packs it’s own special kind of punch, keeping the compilation heavily engaging and diverse. A total of 16 artists showcasing their sectors of d’n’b, ranging from neurofunk, jump-up, liquid and more.

2015 saw the rise of drum and bass events movement Korsakov. Amassing a large following of fans from all over the world, the Rotterdam born giants regularly host their stage at festivals. Ranging from one of Europe’s largest d’n’b festival, the Invaderz Indoor Festival; to hosting events featuring a 4-hour set from Andy C, Korsakov have gone from strength to strength since their debut.

 In celebration of their three-year anniversary, Korsakov has taken the next step in their journey and announced their new label under the name of Korsakov Music. As if that wasn’t enough good news for their dedicated fans, the first volume of their VA compilation drops today (01.10.18).

The release features a few producers that have been making movements in the scene for a while. Respected names such as The Clamps, High Maintenance, Maztek and more have their music on the comp, making it a top class collection of d’n’b from Europe’s best. With many years of experience under each artist’s belt, it’s no surprise that this drop kept my ears perked and heart racing, from start to finish.

Familiar name Droptek kicks things off with a brutal track titled ‘OK’, not one for the faint-hearted. It goes in all guns and drums blazing, with vocoder samples and glitched effects taking us on a journey through the mind of Droptek. The UK producer has released on label Monstercat and has cemented his dark and heavier sound in the scene. If one was to ask “what does Droptek sound like?” this track would be the best reference. His style and energy is almost unmatched on the rest of the album. However sixth track on the comp by producer The Clamps, and his track ‘If Alice Would’ quickly retracts the earlier statement. Another bold and relentless track, the skillful producer puts forth another majestic banger. Guaranteed to knock your wits about from the first drop onwards, ‘If Alice Would’ has been my track on repeat. One play and it’s not rocket-science to understand why.

Counter strike team up with Bl4ck Owlz to bring the funk (neurofunk that is) to the centre stage with third track, ‘Run for Cover’. Pulverizing synths take no prisoners as the track rises and falls in such an confrontational manner, keeping you well on your toes as the song progresses from strength to strength. It’s another dark one for the stormy days with an unprecedented signature sound from the Cape Town/French producers.

Tracks such as ‘Tension’ by Levela, ‘Vektor’ by Merikan, ‘Own Root’ by Agressor Bunx and ‘Fall Away’ by Zombie Cats all offer that juxtaposed rolling percussion, sudden switch ups and uncompromising bass music that was more than expected from a Korsakov project. There’s no limits when it comes to the sheer power that each track delivers in its own indistinct way, keeping each track fresh and exciting to the listener. Usually accompanied by a lot of abrupt bass face moments, and spine-chilling sound design. Living up to its expectations, Volume 1 of the Korsakov compilation has set the foundations of an explosive beginning the new label. Not to forget the rest of the artists that make up the monumental line-up such as Feint, Gridlok, L 33, Rido, Jade & Mindscape and Merikan.

Vol. 1 of the Korsakov compilation has got us more than excited for the second installation in their VA series, as well as what Korsakov Music has in store for their upcoming releases. Listen to the album and experience the sheer power of drum and bass for yourself.

With the album released now, you can stream is below. But why not support Korsakov and purchase your copy of the album by clicking here.


Drum'n'Bass head and student from Somerset, currently based in Manchester. Lover of all things 174.

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