After his debut album, Krakota finally returns to give us “See for Miles” EP.

Returning again on Hospital Records, Krakota brings us a 4-track collection as part of his “See for Miles” EP. With 4 hot tracks, and 1 including a rare vocal feature, this EP is about to go down a treat.

Knowing Krakota is a personal favourite of mine, and being able to see him live at Hospitality in the Park, was an amazing experience. Now I get to indulge myself in his brand new EP, to bring on some positive PTSD from Hospitality in the Park. So lets jump in to…

The Review

Starting high with the first track of the EP, is “Hot Rain” featuring a legend himself Dynamite MC.  Being introduced to the track so lightly, is literally the calm before the storm. With the vocals kicking in, you know something is about to turn real. “It’s insane in the brain and the mainframe”, being the words of Dynamite MC, is literally the review I’d like to give this track. This track is a pure (steam) roller.

Jumping in to the next track of the EP, we have “Callback“. Callback is a much lighter track in the EP, with more of a liquidy vibe to it. Although, don’t let that put you off anything. This track still holds the bass, speed and extra smoothness that we dig.

The third track, being “Fever Dreams“, pulls us back in to a heavier feel of things. I already know from listening to this, that many DJs would be playing this down in the events they go to. With the description of a “wobbly sub and rugged mid-range bass notes”, it’s true how this production style compliments the track so well.

Sadly, we’re already at the final track of the EP. With the title track itself “See For Miles“, we once again enter in to a more liquid area. The depth, dynamic and display of this track is truly impeccable. This track was created with a genius amount of skills in production. With the atmosphere of this track being so calming, the level of bass on the track is fantastic. This track will surely be on repeat for me, for at least the next week.

Once again Krakota has done the amazing, by producing such a brilliant EP. I can’t wait to see what he’ll have in-store for us next. 

Take a listen below, and give us your take on this EP! Click here to purchase your own copy.

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