Have you recently been to Bassfest? Or have you been to a big event with Darkzy, Skepsis, Bru-C or any other big Bassline name for that matter? If so, then you probably already know what Kryphon track I’m on about!

Kryphon has held this track as a major dub within the scene for the last 6 months, but as now, he has finally released the beauty. The track released yesterday, and it’s currently standing at Number 7 in the iTunes Electronic Charts!

With a beat-ed intro carrying us to the 30 second mark. We’re then greeted by some beautiful vocals sinking us further in to the track. Once you’re fully sunk in, you’re then twisted, eaten and then spat back out as you enter the job – with the full energetic, bouncing, dance floor killer (with the odd gun finger in the area for Bassline’s sake).

The bridge allows us the gain back the much needed breath. Before we’re entered back in to the loop hole of the second drop. which is not to be missed! The energy, the cuts, the turns – this track is definitely a hit! No wonder it entered the iTunes Electronic Charts so highly.

Grab you copy of this track from iTunes by clicking here. Or stream it straight from Spotify below!

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