Kyrist has been a force to be reckoned with in recent years in the drum & bass scene, gaining massive traction in 2017 with her Venomous EP on Dispatch Records, which has remained her home ever since. But now she’s venturing into yet uncharted territory…she’s making f#%king dubstep!

But this is not dubstep as you may think you know it, this is not arrogant frat party inspired brostep, oh no. Kyrist brings us a 4 track EP entitled ‘Parallel’, with an all-out assault on the 140bpm genre, harking back to the original London roots infused with the familiar techy beats, warping sub bass and a minimal styling we have grown to love from her.

Cry‘ is the first track on the EP and sets a high bar early on, a soulful and atmospheric track driven by a broken beat, a deep sub, and ethereal vocals. Tribal percussion rolls out the drum groove nicely. Bongos, shakers, and congas galore juxtaposing the techy kick and snare, and letting the sub work its magic on the low end.

The second track on the EP ‘Do You Have The Chime?‘ is a personal favorite and also the hardest hitting track on the EP, with drums Perez would be proud of alongside an acid-inspired bassline. It may be at 140bpm but make no mistake this tune has all of the energy and weight you would expect from a Kyrist drum & bass release.

Next up is ‘Gatekeeper‘ holding your interest firmly with its monstrous filtered bass riff whilst making you question your own existence with its philosophical vocal ad-libs. This is where we hear those early influences come to the forefront, a track that would sit right at home in a 2007 Benga set.

Kyrist closes out the EP with ‘Solace‘ a proper breakbeat number with incredible production value, tearing minimal bass patches and a bouncy hook. More ethereal vocal pads ramp up the atmosphere and some frequency modulated plucks setting the tone. Solace rounds the EP off in style, and will not be a track forgotten so easily.


Showing massive versatility and smashing out of the drum & bass mold, Kyrist has outdone herself with an unprecedented release – Parallel EP is out now on Uprise Audio, listen below & grab a copy here!

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