Since establishing Multi Function Music in 2010, Levela’s production prowess has seen drastic embellishments in the quality and weight of his recent accomplishments. Originally founded within the roots of jump up drum and bass, Callum’ focus has shifted to a heavier sound, honing in on darker rhythms accompanied with eclectic, polished drum work. His latest release, the “Cerebral” EP, is a certified testimony backing the new Levela sound, which is solely here to decapitate heads in the dance and unleash those gun fingers.

The initial track, “Thrunt”, delves into a dark descent, laced with an eerie prelude; packed full of high end tension layered with a frantic top end progression. “Thrunt” dissipates into a weighty stepper, which I’d describe as an upgraded “Rave Alarm” by Kings of the Rollers. Menacing, brutal bass stabs send shockwaves through your chest, followed by a rolling sub sprinkled with sinister foley and FX. 16 bars in, the tune picks up pace as a sizzling down-spiralling bass scorches the soundscape, establishing a brutal climax groove. Instant wheel up, instant fuck-off.

Next up is Woke, which utilises a similar style of vocal to Exhale, asking the listener to “Open your eyes…”. After an almost tribal introduction, the tune culminates towards a fairly minimal build, devoid of percussion, with the spotlight illuminating the vocal sample. Woke drops into a savage arrangement, driven by pounding 808 kicks bouncing off a gritty chainsaw bass design. The 32 bar mark induces a marked gear change, as unnerving plucks sporadically litter the stereo field and the bass becomes rapidly more unpredictable.

The third track, Nightmare, is certainly a sonic rendition of a perilous fantasy, plunging you into Levela’s wicked wonderland. A dreamy introduction lulls you into a false state of security as an unstable riser pulls you under, revealing the true nature of the track. Nightmare plummets you into the darkest of dreams, driven by an aggressive, piercing bass stab broken up by a turbulent, automated sub swell. Moments after the 16 bar stamp, the tune is submerged underwater as your worst Nightmare morphs in nature, becoming even more haunting. Warning, may cause insomnia.

The final track, Lights, is for me the pinnacle of this disgusting EP, shelled out first hand at the Rampage 2019 weekend by Alix Perez, simultaneously blowing my head off. Lights starts with an almost psychedelic introduction, flourished by bit crushed atmospherics and a rolling precursory drum beat. The drop sends you hurtling into another dimension as a searing, 2 bar foghorn clarts you into the next continent, supplemented by a wobbling sub. Needless to say, the tune does the talking on this one. I’ve heard it’s been banned in 5 countries due to an excess of unadulterated brutality, you will not be disappointed.

It goes without saying, the Cerebral EP is certainly one of Levela’s most outstanding achievements, with all round wicked grooves and not a single track to go amiss. Cop now.

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