Magnetude have been making heavy moves in the scene recently! With both releases on RAM Records, and also on Eatbrain along with Task Horizon and so much more. But today, they decided to gift us with a Free Download from the Heavens, literally.

As well as being a major Drum & Bass fan, I’m sure a lot of you secretly love listening to Twenty One Pilots. But now you can do both, – Magnetude’s brand new free download, is a Twenty One Pilots – Heathens bootleg. And boy, does it go off!

When it comes to bootlegs of a track, specially with more Pop music, it’s a risky thing to do. But Magnetude have done everything correctly, with an extra touch of pure heaviness. With the Twenty One Pilots introduction and vocals, slowly introducing us to the track. –

We are soon introduced by a steady Drum & Bass beat, before you hear the vocals “Don’t make any sudden moves, – you don’t know have of the abuse”. Which perfectly fit what the track does to you next! You’re literally thrown off the cliff, in to a blend of bass, kicks, drums and just pure insanity. If the drop doesn’t melt your face, then I’m starting to question your love for Drum & Bass.

As the track plays out, you’re left with what can only be described as an electronic didgeridoo of a rolling bass carrying you over to the bridge.

To find out about the rest of the track, you’ll have to take a listen to it for yourself. But as a MAJOR bonus to all of this, the track is a free download!

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to download the track or take a listen from Soundcloud below. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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