Matrix & Futurebound are back at it with another single adding to their already impressive release history, with the pair having a rather consistent flow of singles over the year, it’s easy to see Matrix and Futurebound aren’t messing around. 

The duo have been at the forefront of the drum and bass scene for years, releasing tune after tune through Futurebounds own label, Viper Recordings. The label is host to many respected artists throughout the scene, and with the team releasing compilations, EPs and even some LPs, it’s clear Matrix and Futurebound have an eye for talent.

They also know how to curate their sound to achieve its maximum potential. Their new single “Believe” is a great example of their magic. The Vocals are powerful, they sync with the beat and help build the anticipation. The synths begin crisp, clear and punchy. You then realise this summer inspired anthem is perfect for the clubs as well as the festivals. Clearly inspired by many of the flavours in the drum and bass spectrum, both past and present, together with Matrix & Futurebounds wise understanding of how to produce an energetic dance floor classic.

With the release of the single less than a week after Vipers Bassrush 3 compilation, in which the pair have two tracks featured on the album, it’s clear that Matrix & Futurebound and the Viper squad are not slowing down after the summer or releases. Expect plenty more from one of the cornerstones in the drum and bass universe.

And all of this just builds up the major hype for their forthcoming album! Take a listen to the track below, or click here to grab your copy from Beatport.


Drum'n'Bass head and student from Somerset, currently based in Manchester. Lover of all things 174.

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