With their “Mystery Machine” LP looming, D&B Veterans Matrix & Futurebound let loose “Got You There” one of their final singles ahead of the albums full release in Spring.

“Got You There” is the 5th single from the “Mystery Machine” LP, and true to the album title we’ve been kept guessing which way each new track will go as the Viper top dogs flaunt their consistently diverse output.

The title track “Mystery Machine” leaned towards M&F’s wonkier dance floor style (akin to Glow Worm and Scatterbrain before it), “Live Another Day” upped the anti with incredible atmospherics as well as vocal drama provided by Alex Hepburn, “Tardis” showed off a darker more subdued techy flex before “Believe” came through boasting it’s anthemic feel and cutting lead riffs. Now to round out this all encompassing dancefloor lineup Matrix & Futurebound have crafted “Got You There”, an uplifting ode to nightlife comradery with alt-pop up-and-comer Zelah on vocal duties performing lyrics written by the one and only Becky Hill.

Emotive piano chords ring out through the introduction, a humble beginning brimming with optimism. Zelah echos this feeling with a sentiment any club goer can relate to, asking to “Bring on the night..”. As the mood shifts, climbing through optimism to elation we’re guided from a Friday feeling straight to the club entrance through a swift tension cutting popping snare roll.

Then we’re in. The sub kicks in and hi-hats rain down while the powerful piano continues keeps the energy high. Zelah remains at centre stage throughout driving the track with her heartfelt performance and incredible vocal presence. The breakdown briefly takes things back to a calmer hands in the air vibe punctuated with ethereal vocal chops before kicking back into gear for the final build and roll out.

With it’s catchy lyrics and air of infectious positivity this track is sure to have crowds throwing arms around friends and singing into the sky all summer long.

“Got You There” is out now, check it out on Spotify below!

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