Hailing from Germany, MC Fava is a vocalist with a large back catalogue, having been featured on releases on labels such as V, Hospital, and Fokuz. This time, he has come through with an EP on Bcee-run Spearhead, a label renowned for its soulful liquid output. MC Fava and a host of guest producers deliver a quintessential Spearhead sound across five tracks. Let’s see what he has in store for us…

The opening track, Transatlantic (feat. Logistics) is a melancholic yet soulful tune. A strong use of reverb on electric guitar samples makes the background shimmer above a warm, liquid bassline. Natural drums and atmospheric harmonised vocals make this track a perfect opener, and showcases the lyrical tones of MC Fava.

We Lose (feat. Nymfo) is a personal favourite from this release. The sound of dusty vinyl, smooth pads, and Nymfo’s signature punchy drum work sends us on a real journey. Low piano chords and a marimba pair with pensive vocals from MC Fava, causing some real hair-raising moments. This tune just keeps rolling, and is bound to catch the attention of all liquid heads.

Waiting (feat. L.A.O.S) keeps with the moody, contemplative sound which characterises this release. Sparse arrangement and subtle variations lets MC Fava’s vocals shine through against a background of weaving strings and reese basses. A dark liquid masterpiece, the constant development in this track shows how one bit of DnB can evolve over the space of 5 minutes.

The title track, Hearts Wander (feat. Seba & Emily Harkness) is slightly more upbeat than the other tracks on this release. Retro-inspired drums and synth lines and a snappy driving sound provide a different sound but still captures the spirit of the EP. MC Fava’s vocals come in above the unique production and carry us away again, as a rolling bassline dances below.

Finally, in Another Me (feat. Klute) chopped jungle-y breaks are the name of the game. Placec over a fat liquid bassline, the push and pull of high energy and mellowness balance each other perfectly. Atmospheric elements keep developing throughout, letting the melody found in the bassline and later in the synths breathe and grow.

MC Fava and the guest producers truly deliver the goods on Hearts Wander EP. What else would we expect from one of the scene’s most gifted vocalists and such a prestigious collection of producers? There are tracks on here which we will be hearing at liquid raves for a long time to come, and deservedly so. Spearhead has really hit the mark here, and definitely leaves us begging for some more first-class liquid.

Hears Wander EP is out now globally. Stream it on Spotify below:



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