After receiving Chapters 1, 2 and 3. The final master piece is here!

Mindscape has been teasing us since late last year with his ‘The Reanimator’ series. Each chapter, providing us with four great releases each time. But now, the wait is finally over. The final chapter, the grand LP, ‘The Reanimator’ is here. So lets dig in…

With the LP holding 15 tracks. We can already notice there are 3 exclusive tracks hiding in this masterpiece. With 12 previously heard heavy tunes, which still do not disappoint hearing again. In-fact this entire album is on repeat. But, with 3 exclusive tracks, added to this beauty, it’s time to head in to…

The Review

The first track discovered from the masterpiece, we found “Cookie Cutter“. With Cookie Cutter starting off very chilled out, but don’t be fooled as Mindscape has a twist in store. With the tempo picking up, and the sounds building in the drop is incoming. As the drop sets, you are left with a bounce in your step. While the drop continues to play out, an eerie sound begins to emerge, which continues with the theme of the album. As for the second drop to this track, you’ll have to check it out yourself. It’s heavy!

The second track found was “Do It Again“. This track holds a nice melodic and slightly liquefied introduction, which we learn continues throughout the track. Providing a great vibe to the atmosphere. With the beat changing, and the winding effect kicks in, this builds us to the drop. The drop follows a fast beat, but continues with the very chilled out melody. It places you in to a trance of europhia.

The final track of the album, and the final track up for finding is “Method in Madness“. Before listening to the track, just reviewing the name definitely makes it seem fitting to the theme behind “The Reanimator” series. And, that’s to say the least. The tune definitely fits in with the album too. With the track starting up, you’ll left with an eerie sound, which soon cuts off. Bringing us to another eerie but dubby sound, which carries us to the end of album.

Although “The Reanimator” LP is Mindscapes fourth album release, he is definitely one of the best people to put an album together. The thought that must of went in to “The Reanimator” series, and each chapter must have been extreme. From leaving us in suspense for a whole year, for each chapter, to delivering such well produced tracks each time. It was a job well done and it was definitely worth the wait each time round.

Now that the review complete, it’s time for you to take a listen to the album yourself. The album is out now exclusively on Beatport , releasing to the rest of the world on the 22nd, so get your copies in.

So click here to grab your copy, or stream it below!

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